Michael O'Neill


Historical awareness has always been a dominant force in my life; with Irish parents it could hardly have been otherwise. During my adult years spent living on the ‘Emerald Isle’, I was confronted with the past in both fireside tales and harsh reality. Indeed, my own name was likely to have the neighbours’ eyes turn misty remembering the long-gone glory days of the O'Neill clan.

Then I was swamped with ‘living history’, living and working in Germany when the Berlin wall came down on that extraordinary night of November 9/10th 1989; an unforgettable moment of lightning, priceless for anyone with even a remote interest in the past. What a strange quirk of historical parallelism that ‘Crystal Night’ (Kristalnacht) in Germany, should have taken place on the 9/10th of November 1938, just over 50 years earlier.
For more than twenty years I worked as a TV producer/director, actor and scriptwriter on WWI, WWII and other historical documentaries. Many of the programmes that I assisted onto the screen have been televised worldwide on a variety of media such as the Discovery Channel and the History Channel.

Having also translated many German books into English, I decided to further indulge my interest in the incredible uproar of bygone eras by making my own translated texts available online, thus giving the past a voice in the present.
I now earn my crusts by writing, and travel as often as I can with my trusty octave mandolin.
I hope you enjoy the texts.

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