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Smashwords book reviews by Jennifer Zuna

  • Dreams Both Real and Strange on July 14, 2012
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    Fear. Choice. These are the central themes in this book of short stories. Each one pulls you in and leaves you asking "where's the rest!?". A little bit of ghost story and a touch of faerie tale combine in this anthology to make for one hell of a read. The last story, Wraith, was especially engaging and Im anxious to see what happens next with these characters. Ms McCabe takes you out of your comfort zone and plants seeds about the what if's that will keep you awake long into the night. It was very easy to give this book a 5/5!
  • Peaches and the Gambler on March 02, 2013
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    Crime fiction has always been one of my favorite genres of books to read. I really really enjoyed this book. The author really nailed the mixture of the crime mystery with some truly funny laughs. This book is very bold, the language used and the situations Peaches gets into are not for the faint of heart lol. Peaches is a single mom dealing with her daughters, exes, sister and is trying to help a beloved neighbor solve her son's murder to boot. Sex, drugs, gambling and a few hilarious extended family members make this a fun read. It's very obvious that Peaches has no idea what she's doing, but she tries really hard and ends up coming out on top and learning some things in the process. I can not wait to see what Peaches gets herself into next!
  • The Fallen Body on May 15, 2014
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    I am a crime and mystery buff. I love "real life" thrills and action. This book was a perfect fit for my tastes. The setting was described to perfection and the characters were so well developed I felt like I really knew them. The story played out perfectly. There was the mystery of the murder, the thrill of the chase from the unknown assasin and even a little bit of romance thrown in there. I liked that this was a great in depth story and there was no unneeded foul language, and the violence didn't get out of hand. I like my horror movies bloody, but not my books. I read to relax and for enjoyment. This is what I would call a bit of a cozy mystery. It's perfect for the beach, or staying up late reading in bed. I stayed up late a few nights because I wanted to know what happened next. The conclusion of this story was little surprising, which is awesome because I don't wind up surprised very often. There are also a few questions left. I'm hoping to get to read more about Taylor Dixxon and her law practice in a small Texas town!