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  • Jonquils in the Snow on March 16, 2010

    I just finished a wonderful short story called Jonquils in the Snow by Laurean Brooks, and although this is a very short story to was truly one of the sweetest and most beautiful. This is the story of Miranda who two years ago was left days before she was to get married, jilted by her fiance. Once wounded and broken hearted she is ready to open her heart again. And just in time, in comes into her life Brady, contracted by her to clean her yard of down trees and branches from an awful storm she can't help but watch the sexy man from behind her front window's curtains. Taking a leap of faith Miranda offers him some of her hot chocolate in hopes to get to know the man a bit better. Immediately the two hit it off. Without sharing too many personal details their relations starts to build on humor and slight sense of attraction. Off kilter himself Brady is a little hesitant to get to know the woman behind the curtains who he can't seem to keep his eyes off. An easy commodore he feels a slight pull towards her but his heart might still be too wounded from his wife's death to move forward. But what is so appealing about Brady is that he seems to be so honest with his grief. Knowing that he has hit his breaking point with his own grief. But is he ready to love another? As they open their hearts to each other and as Brady especially learns to put the past behind him. This doesn't mean he has to forget his wife and the years that they spent together, but life goes on. And if he wants to move forward with Miranda he will have to do just that! A short story, but filled with sweet romance and inspirational romance filled with two characters that will warm your heart and have you cheering for them to move forward in their lives, find hope in new love and trust in each other.