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  • Guilty Pleasures on Dec. 18, 2010

    Kitty Thomas is an incredibly talented erotica writer and storyteller, and she really turned up the heat and the kink in her latest release. Guilty Pleasures is a very erotic and twisted tale that sucks the reader in from the first paragraph. Ultimately, it is a look at one woman's sexual awakening and the drastic steps she must take to arrive there. She must question what is the worse existence, a lifetime of dull, passionless sex in her husband's bed or being "forced" to experience orgasmic kinky sex with strangers. I am so very pleased with the book's ending. Perfect! Highly recommended to those who like darker, BDSM erotica.
  • Tender Mercies on May 18, 2011

    Stories that touch me the most are the hardest to review, simply because I don't think my words will do them justice. This is definitely the case with Kitty Thomas' latest release TENDER MERCIES. The story of Asher and Grace, Master and slave, was so engrossing that I could have easily read it in one sitting, but I forced myself to slow down because I didn't want it to end. Unfulfilled by the BDSM scene and play kink, Grace moves to the island of Eleu, a place where true erotic slavery is legal. Slaves on Eleu give up all their rights, and the Masters are free to do as they wish, bar killing their slaves. Grace had been communicating with Lucas, a Master on the island, via the Internet for a year when she finally decides to go. However, her dream that they'd live "kinkily ever after" was shattered once she arrived. Lucas was not a Master, but an evil monster. After eight months of being tortured, starved and raped in Lucas' dungeon, a completely broken Grace is sold to Asher Collins. While Grace is left scarred on the inside and out, Asher carries his own heavy emotional burden. He holds himself responsible for the death of his beloved slave Darcy. He sees rescuing Grace from Lucas as a chance for atonement, but their road to healing will not be an easy one. Kitty Thomas is known for her gripping dark erotica, and TENDER MERCIES is no exception. She has a knack for writing total power exchange Master/slave relationships that feel very real. You won't find any play kink on the pages of Thomas' books. Like in her previous work, the non-consent theme is prevalent, but different in this story. Grace willing goes to the island and forfeits her rights, though she had no idea that she'd be brutalized by a monster. I was impressed with the emotional depth of the characters. The point of view shifts between Grace and Asher, so we can experience both of their thoughts and feelings. Grace was very fragile and broken from her ordeal, but I could see that spark of inner strength. She was a survivor. Grace was strong enough to take a chance at the life she desired by moving to Eleu in the first place. Then she was able to survive eight months of hell with Lucas until her true Master could claim her. Speaking of Asher...I couldn't resist falling in love with him. He was a firm but loving Master. He took care of what was his. His Grace. Combine that with the fact that he was battling his own inner demons, and that made him irresistible to me. TENDER MERCIES is an extraordinary love story, disturbing at times but too gripping to resist. Of course, this is erotic fiction, and there are plenty of kinky sex scenes between Asher and Grace to arouse. Thomas' erotica is always scorching hot and superbly written. Being that this book is about actual slavery with non-consensual elements, it will not be right for everyone. If you're looking for a unique, well crafted story of love and redemption, I would highly recommend TENDER MERCIES.
  • Awakening on Sep. 22, 2011

    On the island of Meropis, the legend is that if a man can awaken the desire of a mermaid, she will transform into a human and be forever at his mercy. The mermaid Nerina does not believe it to be true, because her people are so different than humans. Merfolk reproduce like fish by laying eggs, so there is no need for sexual contact between them. She sees the physical intimacy humans share as distasteful. When Nerina is captured in a fisherman's net, she is terrified. Mermaid fin is a delicacy to humans. Luckily, her life is spared by the handsome man the fishermen call Master Kyros. But what will he require of her in return? Kyros has heard the legend too. He has longed to possess a mermaid of his own, one he could transform into a woman. So when his fishermen capture Nerina in their net, Kyros is delighted. Kyros is determined not only to make her a slave to his touch, but he wants to own her heart as well. Nerina cannot deny that Kyros stirs feelings within her that she has never experienced before. Soon she is torn between her need for Kyros' touch and the love she has for her home in the sea. Will she be able to give herself to him completely and transform? And if she cannot, will he kill her or set her free? AWAKENING is the most romantic story of Kitty Thomas' work. Ms. Thomas is known for her dark erotica with Master/slave and non-consensual elements, and she stays true to her roots with Nerina and Kyros' tale. However, in this story the romantic love between the hero and heroine is more pronounced, which I enjoyed, and the BDSM elements are lighter than in her previous books. AWAKENING is a sensual adult fairy tale fans of literary erotica and erotic romance would enjoy. I loved the premise of a man transforming a mermaid into a woman by awakening her desire. It is written in Nerina's first person point of view, so the reader is able to experience her journey with her. AWAKENING is a novella-length story of 21,500 words. I give it 4 out of 5 stars! I received my copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
  • The King's Pleasure on Dec. 30, 2011

    In her two previous erotic novellas, Kitty Thomas captivated readers with sci-fi monsters and beautiful mermaids. Her third story exploring the powerful Master/slave dynamic is THE KING'S PLEASURE, set in the fantasy world of Himeros. The realm of Himeros has crowned a new king. While his father ruled the land as a tyrant, King Niall chooses to be strict but fair. His policy is put to the test when a poor gypsy woman is caught stealing bread from the castle. Under his father's law, the punishment for such a crime would be cutting off her hand. But Niall has mercy on the exotic beauty who calls herself Abigail, and instead takes her as a pleasure slave. The ways of Himeros are different than most kingdoms. Hedonism is the norm, and people are taught to embrace their sexuality rather than be ashamed. The king does not take a wife, but rather has a harem of slaves trained from birth to please him. Being chosen as a king's slave is the greatest honor, one that an outcast like Abigail has long dreamed of. The match between Niall and Abigail, Master and slave, seems ideal. Abigail finds fulfillment in serving the king without an agenda of her own like most of the slave girls - or does she? When Niall begins to doubt Abigail's intentions, he puts her submission to the ultimate test. THE KING'S PLEASURE is a provocative tale with creative world-building and seductive characters. Niall is a tough but merciful Master - my favorite kind, but he's not perfect. Some of his actions are questionable, but to me the flawed yet redeemable hero is irresistible. Though this book is short, the author did a fine job establishing the political and cultural world of Himeros. I thought the theory presented on queens versus slaves was thought-provoking. The kingdom is named after the Greek god of sexual desire, and deservedly so! There is some delicious debauchery heating up the pages. Part of Abigail's journey in this book was learning to accept the sexually liberated ways of the court, and it was a delight experiencing it with her. I'm a huge fan of Kitty Thomas' work, and I'm excited to add this one to my keeper shelf. THE KING'S PLEASURE is a novella of 21,000 words. I give it 4 stars!