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  • The Moon Dwellers on Dec. 06, 2012

    I received a copy of this book from the author as part of a Read 4 Review on Goodreads. The Moon Dwellers is a fast-paced, action-packed, dystopian story that should be placed right up there with the best of them! The world is what pulled me in. Hundreds of years after a meteor crashed and destroyed the planet the only survivors live underground split into three different realms. First we have the Sun Dwellers the privileged and rich, then there’s the Moon Dwellers the middle class, and certainly not forgotten are the Star Dwellers, the poorest class. This book is told in alternating points of view from Adele and Tristan. Adele is a strong kick butt take names later kind of heroine. Tristan is a swoon worthy, devoted and brave male lead. I also loved the supporting characters. Tawni, Cole and Roc are also fun, loyal and lovable characters. I loved the sarcasm they all had despite the life or death circumstances. One thing I was surprised with by this book was that during most of it the two main characters haven’t even met. Adele is running, after escaping prison, on a mission to rescue her family; Tristan is running, hiding and fighting just to catch up to Adele! It was kind of romantic if you ask me – despite the fact that they were strangers and maybe inflicting pain on the other. When they do finally meet it’s not overly cheesy or romantic (how could it be they’re in middle of a war) but your heart will do some fluttering. While reading this I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, heart pounding, and I almost skipping ahead dying to know what happens next! When you think “they’re gonna make it!” then BAM! Something happens and sets them back, the action just never stops! Would I recommend this to others to read? Definitely! Would I read the other books in this series? Yes & I can’t wait to!