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  • Spirits Of Glory on May 05, 2012

    There's something really magical about finishing a book and realising that, whilst reading it, you were absorbed up into a completely, different world. And no. I'm not talking about the feeling you get with every book once the last page is turned, that feeling that you've been on an adventure with the characters. I'm talking about the feeling of having experienced a completely, different world which, during reading, you were part of. Spirits of Glory is a unique and unusual page-turner that will have you swooped up into an adventure from page one. I'm not quite sure why, but I just loved the whole uniqueness of it all and found it very refreshing. I managed to finish the ebook in a day because I just couldn't tear my eyes from the very much unusual adventure. The main character, Hawkeye (aka. Amber) was strong and brave but the one quality that stood out the most for me, was the love she gave to her assistance animals. Actually, come to think of it, I really enjoyed the roles of Brat and Wolfy (her very intelligent cat and dog). Unlike most stories now-a-days where the heroine is usually perfect and beautiful, Hawkeye is crippled. However, this just makes us see how strong she is for struggling through. Another character I quite liked was Boss. Boss is a Neighbour (part of a species that live alongside the humans in Jigsaw) and I liked how he was a reserved character at the start and more forthcoming toward the end. Another reason I really liked this book is because it is a mixture of genres. It has some mystery, fantasy, sci-fi and even a little splash of romance. Meaning it can appeal to all types of audiences. The only criticism I have is that a few times I did get a little bit confused but it was nothing major and most was resolved nearing the end. Overall, Spirits of Glory is a very enjoyable read with a unique storyline, strong characters and a mixture of genres which can appeal to everyone. I definetly recommend giving this a read to anyone and everyone - if you're not fond of ebooks maybe it will interest you to know that it's relatively short and at great prices both on Amazon and Smashwords!