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  • Walk A Lonesome Road on Nov. 01, 2011

    What I would say, if someone ask me what was my feelings reading this story? If I recommend it? First I would start saying it's a standalone, but it's part of a complex world. Before I read it I did a little research to know something about the "paranormals". to know the basic info go there to see a map So, I knew a little, almost nothing, about the background. Second and in my view most important it's not a romance... But it's a heartbreaking love story. Yeah, I know it's confusing, but it's true. Dek is completely and absurdly insane... Yep, cruel but true. His past is pain, suffering, and the way his mind choose to deal with it was: be away from everyone and everything. Ren is not far from that point. Used in horrendous scientific experiments and also traumatized. So, the main characters are really insane? Yep, very... Ren need medical help, Dek is the only one that can help him, because no one, but a crazy man, would try to save a fugitive. Third and last comment would be a warning. It's a very long story, and full of sadness and hope. Ren can survive such long and desperate trip? Dek can keep his mind away, from his personal demons, keeping Ren safe? The story didn't lost the appealing, but I must admit after a while I was tired of so much angst. I'm used to tormented heroes, I LOVE tormented heroes and I think It was that fact that made me read all this book. It's long... So if you think you can't deal with so much pain better search a more "happy" story... But, I must also say you can lost a opportunity to know two of the best male characters I even found in a fantasy book. So do I recommend it? Simple way to answer: yes and no. I loved it, I can't give less than 5 stars, but I also know it's my big love for fantasy and tormented heroes that help me finish it... So, yes, I do and don't recommend it... Everything depends on your mood. If you want a happy and funny story avoid this book. If you want two true and in pain men, fighting against powerful enemies, and fighting against their personal demons read it... Because it will be perfect for you, as it was for me. 5 stars
  • Every Move You Make (Unnatural Selection #2) on Nov. 01, 2011

    How disturbing can a starker be, to a couple trying to know each other? the answer is YES!!! A stalker is always there... even if the person try to forget someone is targeting him/her, it's impossible... a stalker never is forgotten, and all actions are to get the attention of his/her prey. That's how I saw a stalker... he/she is an animal, and the human that is hunted can easy to crazy about it... After Unnatural Selection I was desperate to read more of Anton and Nick, so the exact moment I saw the sequel was out I got it. First of all, you must read the first book, because it's really necessary to understand this book. The main couple, a Biologist and a Police officer, a "normal" human and a Vee positive (sort of a vampire, but it's not exactly that)... anything you must already know, before start this book, is in the first of the serie. Why I think it's a book that deserve 5 stars? Simple, the stalker for sure got my full attention... I was unease, always thing the bastard would really get Nick, killing him! It was scary, and it was sooooo good, the fear, reading each page, and knowing this writer I was certain she could kill the character without any regret ... why? Did you read any Ann Somerville? I read some, so I know, this writer can give you a heartbreaking love story, but not always with a HEA. So was I excited, reading each page of Every move you make... I knew Ann could kill this character... so well... you must read to know if this stalker will really get his prey, and Anton and Nick possible happy end will never happen. yeah... I'm a teaser.. I know! :D BTW, last remark... I love this tile... I have no idea if it's related or not to the The Police song "Every Breath you take" but it's perfect... listen to the song, read the lyrics, and you will have an idea what could be passing in the stalker mind... because let's face it, the song is great but also sort of creepy, no? "Every breath you take And every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take I'll be watching you Every single day And every word you say Every game you play, every night you stay I'll be watching you Oh, can't you see You belong to me? How my poor heart aches With every step you take Every move you make Every vow you break Every smile you fake, every claim you stake I'll be watching you Since you've gone I've been lost without a trace I dream at night, I can only see your face I look around, but it's you I can't replace I feel so cold, and I long for your embrace I keep crying baby, baby please, Oh, can't you see You belong to me? How my poor heart aches With every step you take Every move you make Every vow you break Every smile you fake, every claim you stake I'll be watching you Every move you make, every step you take I'll be watching you I'll be watching you I'll be watching you I'll be watching you I'll be watching you I'll be watching you I'll be watching you I'll be watching you I'll be watching you I'll be watching you" very creepy... thumbs up to Sting , writer of creepy love songs... and luck man living with his family in the amazing region of Italy... Tuscany
  • Werecat: The Rearing on March 11, 2014

    hummm... I don't know what I should do... I liked it and wish I could give 5 stars (because cat shifters are a HOT theme!) but also I'm not 100% happy about how things happened in the story... so well, better give something between, and so it's a 3 stars The theme is perfect... It's a shifter story, with two feline shifters... I loved it! I really loved the description of a human can shift to a feline, how both characters interact as felines (ATTENTION, maybe I should say it immediately... sex scene with feline characters. Maybe it can be a problem to someone... well, both were in the feline form, and I saw it as needed to the plot, not just there to be there, so in my opinion it was a good scene). My problem, and the only reason it's not a 5 stars is how quickly everything was told. The flashbacks or present time of the narration were both sooooooo quick! It was info and more info without much time to develop the ideas. It's a short story, and I know there is already a sequel (The Glaring) but this book have delicate information (near the end, and what happened just before the last page) that in my modest opinion should have more pages... too quick, I was lost.
  • Cursed Blessings on March 11, 2014

    OMG... Few books shock me.. This one didn't. This book totally freak me OUT! If you read the blurb of the book you will know EVERTHING that happens. It's very short, so not much is said, there is the HORRIBLE present, and one flash back telling about how everything happened. I never read a male-preg so devasting as this one. It's dark and I don't even know if I should said its a romance... You will be so shocked with the open scene I doubt you will care if there is a romance... Imagine you... In a bathtub... Ready to... No, I will not said it. You must read it but be warned, this book is not for the faint of heart!!
  • Septima Luna on March 11, 2014

    Ok I will not even try to add something that make sense... because this book is a nonsense after another, and I love it! A friend send me the link of this book, and because it's for free at smashwords I decide to try it... why not? It's for free... I'm SOOOOO glad I did it! Angel Green... bartender/dancer/escort... and something more! Much more. First it's a VERY funny book. I ADORE humorous book, so immediately I love the protagonist. Second it's a "nonsense" in a good way. There is a plot, and a very complex one, but it's not a book with a lot of pages of explanations. It's like Angel Green... more facts, less talk. so well... better don't go on... I doubt this review made sense at all. The important facts: it's for free at smashwords, it's hilarious and romantic without being sappy... give a try. Why not? 5 stars
  • The Lost Dragon (The Dragon Hunters #1) on March 11, 2014

    My thoughts... The plot was VERY good Jarel, the Black Dragon god and ruler of the paranormal can't allow the rise of an ancient evil.. the powerful Cronus... the god that will can destroy all other god, and as consequence, the universe. In a fast paced book, god, demigods and humans must fight rogue vampire and werewolves... everyone will follow Jarel's orders, even if it can cost their own lives. The characters Probably I should use a less vulgar world, but I can't.. I must say this story has a shiload of characters. Andreas Damone, Jarel's oldest son can be consider the protagonist BUT he is not the only narrator. Many, countless, characters will narrate the story, and it gave me a great incentive to keep reading. Brandon and Demun, Andreas's nephews, are also very important to the plot, and will have a key rule in the fight to find Kalus and the rogue vampires... but also Vic.. and Cassandra... and... yeah... a shitload of characters. If you have problems with a book with MANY narrators my advice is stay away from this book. But, if you, like me, like multiple point of views, grab this book and devour it! Certainly you will love it too! The best thing (IMO) about this book were... The fighting scenes. I love them all... blast of powers, swords, kicks, martial art maneuvers, everything! Andreas, Vic, Brandon and Demun will kick a lot of asses, and it was always awesome! The, sadly, thing I hate in this story was... The paranormal-romance. yeah... sorry... I KNEW it's a paranormal romance but it kind of tired me. Everyone must be in love, have a soul mate, be lost and desperate without the soul mate... I read so many paranormal-romances and probably that's what I got tired of... the old formula: main character NEED a soul mate, be mated, exchange blood in a soul mate ritual, tattoo with the soul mate name, Greek gods using demigods and humans as tools to defeat other gods... have you ever saw this? I bet you did, if you read the most famous PRN books out there... I believe this book is unique for the action scenes I rarely see s well described in PRNs, but at the same time there is no originality in all the soul mate crap that tired me a lot. I'm a romantic person but sometimes a kick ass story need to be JUST a kick ass story, and not a sappy romance, with everyone so freaking in love or searching their soul mates. Yeah, maybe I should be less bitchy, it's a paranormal-romance, why complain about it? Because when I start a story and see a plot so GREAT I start to think it should be only fantasy, not romance. Or, better balanced, with less protagonists in a soul mate quest, and more more humor and characters non romantic interactions. One simple example is Vic, that can't be in scene without someone saying to him he should embrace the fact he is in love... dammit... he may "like" Demun, but Demun is a freaking 16 years old teenager! Thanks God Vic is saying STFU to Janus all the time... as a dragon god Janus can be a hell of an annoying god, playing the couple matching game. I want to read more, but maybe I'm not in the right mood for paranormal romance... so I will not keep reading this series now. But I can't even give less than 5 stars... the fighting scenes were too cool to give less than 5 stars! Seriously.... love it! so yeah, 5 stars
  • Afflicted (Blind Gay Romance) on March 11, 2014

    I despise (yeah, more than didn't enjoy... I really despise it) *Hunter "hate" against overweight people "Yup, and I don't give a fuck. They don't want to fuck me because I'm blind, fine. I don't want fatties in my bed. I am allowed to have someone according to my own tastes, aren't I?" When I read it my thought was "Yes Hunter you are allowed to do whatever the fuck you want, but that don't make you less fucking asshole to me". I'm fucking tired of books that denigrate overweight people . YEAH, I'm really fucking tired of it. I STUDY it (have scientific publications about it), as diabetes (type 2) with or without overweight and YEAH! FUCK YEAH! It's not FUNNY AT ALL LAUGH ABOUT IT. Sorry... it's something that touch DIRECTLY my family, my personal live and I DO NOT think it's funny. At all. The character say it, leaving clear he is happy Dillon is pretty and not a fatty person and it make me mad as hell! *All the "hater" comments about straights: "...Hunter to be gay, but he thought it all a bunch of homophobic bullshit made up by straight people who couldn't even figure out how to stay married in the first place" My thought: Great speech Hunter... do you know a gay men saying it about straight couples is exactly as a straight person denigrating gays? Hate is hate, and racism is racism. A gay may denigrating a straight person is spit in the eye of ALL STRAIGHT PERSON OUT THERE; HANDS IN HANDS WITH GAYS IN GAY PRIDE MANIFESTATIONS. Don't be a fucking asshole saying phrases as "made up by straight people" but say "made up by people" or STFU! "For that alone he could be castrated upon the kur-garru altar of Ishtar and exiled into normality, or worse, into hetero sex." My thought: WTF? Oh Fuck you... you are a fucking asshole Dillon. I missed the humor on BOTH hetero jokes! It's a great (and not long) story. I LOOOOOVE: *How stubborn Hunter is. He don't want to be treat different from anyone else. On contrary, is someone treat him as a poor blind man he will be VERY pissoff. I love his attitude. *How adorable and tormented is Dillon. He don't want to be a hustler, but he don't have options in his live. Even if he can, after the accumulation of a good amount of money why give it up? For what? Can he do it, for Hunter? A man he felt in love so quickly? Can he really give up and be with Hunter? *I loooooove all secondary characters! I'm sorry, I must repeat I laugh a lot, and I DO HAVE a sense of humor. But I don't laugh when the joke is about: *Overweight people *straight (hetero) sex or pairings It didn't end... I'm thinking if I want to know more about Dillon and Hunter. I want... I serious want and LOVE a lot of things in this book, but if reading it I must cringe with "jokes" about fatties (fuck! Just that word already angry me) or straight couples I don't know.. maybe this book is not for me.
  • Human Frailties, Human Strengths on March 11, 2014

    Many thoughts now... let me try to get it all in order in something that resemble a review. FIRST, let me tell you something you may not know. You can read half of this book for free. This book is the expanded version of a freebie Human Frailties. It was born as a "short", but now there is this version, with part I (Human Frailties, the freebie) and Human Strengths, the part 2. I start reading the freebie, and love it so much I got the complete story Human Frailties, Human Strengths. I reread the first part (if you buy it you will get part 1 and 2), and I keep going reading the extended part... And I don't regret it! Everything start with a god, Ashnavayarian, aka Ash, in exile. He must prove he deserve to have all his powers, and do learn a lesson about fro fragile live is, he is stripped of almost all powers, and must live as a human. It's not on Earth, it's a sort of parallel reality, think as another Earth. Toryn MacAran is human and from our reality. In a very strange day he will end in another reality, and.. with the self-centered, egomaniac and narcissist god... Ash. It's erotic, and also VERY funny For a fantasy with so much info and description it's also VERY funny! But... the first part... and I missed funny Ash. I think it deserve 5 stars Because it's very original, full of adventure and also with perfect placed sex scenes (it's NOT a sex without plot story). But I also think it's sort of sad the humor was just in the first part of the book (the freebie). Of course Ash must grown, learn, be responsible... but IMO it should not mean be serious as he was in the second part. I can understand it was a grown process, Tor is there with him... but I just don't think all the humor and jokes between both should disappear. The second part is serious, a lot happened and it's a serious and dangerous situation (and I LOVE the adventure of it!)... and... something I reeeeeeeeeeally don't know how to feel about happened. It's something I can't talk about openly, so It's a noncon (maybe, seems rape) scene.. it was odd, IMO, but it didn't ruin my fun. I enjoy the fantasy, the adventure and I believe it's an amazing fantasy-erotic book. I'm sad it ended.... the book keep me company all day today. I start just to check it, and put it down after the last page... I'm sad Ash and Tor are not part of my day anymore... and looking forward for more... Ash, Tor and Blackfang... the adventure just start!
  • Merrick on March 11, 2014

    Oh my oh my... William and Merrick's story is fantastic! Don't miss it because: *it's a self published book, but the quality is superb. I got many books published by (in theory) professional publishers that was not good as this book! And the price! Smashwords price, now, December 2013: 0.99$. Oh fucking yeah. I'm not kidding! Less than one dollar!!!! . less than one dollar for a book with higher quality of many I got paying 9 or more dollars! Yeah! I kid you not! *It's a dark fantasy... I will not spoil it, but let's say it's not all fluffy bunnies walking around while people say "awwwwww". If there were fluffy bunnies probably Merrick would eat them. And don't feel guilt about it. At all. Get used to hear talks about killing someone as if it's the most normal and acceptable thing in the world. Merrick and Theo (Merrick's friend and VERY FUNNY secondary character) kill people... Many.. Countless. And... Yeah, it's ok in the story. Nothing gross or gore is show, but it's there in the plot. * It's VERY romantic. If you don't like sappy stay away from this story * In my view the historic facts are cool. I have no idea how precise they are, how historical correct is this book. I really don't care at all. It's a paranormal romance with incredible funny moments and a lot of weird stuff. That's what I know, and what I liked. * William never stop calling Merrick Sir. That was fucking hot :D (no, no BDSM subplot. Wiliam just like to call his lover Sir... And yeah, I like it) ^_^ A lot :o) * I loooooove the end. 5 stars... And if someday more of their lives will be out I WILL get it. William and Merrick are a couple I will ALWAYS want to read more!
  • Blind Space on March 13, 2014

    This book is brilliant!!!! The perfect balance between sexy and adventurous! Loved it and OMG, It can't be just one!!!! Nooooo! Pleeeeease dear author, I loved it too much and after the end.... I need more! It's the begin of a HUGE adventure, and I want more! 5 stars, and crossing my fingers someday the story will go on!
  • The Case of the Haunted Vampire on July 22, 2014

    I was thinking what should I say about the book, and well, maybe I must start telling you why I read it. The reason is simple, even if I didn't knew the writer, I saw the price. Just $0,99 here at smashwords. So yeah, why I read it? Because I was searching a vampire book, and this one was too cheap to ignore. So I got it... And love it. Full of sarcastic and hilarious moments, this is not a long book, but worth each cent I gave to buy it. BTW, I like it so much that I already got the second, The Case of the Werewolf Puppy, and will keep reading this series. Maybe I must just say something, forget it if you want a sappy romance. It's not the intention of the story. It's a funny adventure, of a warlock trying to help a vampire... And also find new clients to his vitamins... Yeah, you heard me well... The warlock, yes him, also sell vitamins.. Hummm... Nonsense? Read to know more :-p 5 stars PS: no sex content at all. So if you are searching a book without erotic scenes this is certainly perfect for you!
  • The Case of the Reincarnated Lover on July 25, 2014

    WHOA!!! What a trip!!! So, the first book of this series was a short, The Case of the Haunted Vampire, about a Warlock (Dafydd, BTW the pronouce is "David) helping a vampire (Paul) haunted by a ghost. I liked it, adored how Dafydd always had funny jokes to tell, and how determinated he was to help Paul. The second book, The Case of the Werewolf Puppy, is more complex. Dafydd is always funny (hilarious be to fair) but he is also much more active. Helping the werewolf communit will make him and Paul me much more tight partners fighting against the anomalies in the paranormal world. And then... This book, the third of this series. I will not talk much, or would spoil, but I can say: Dafydd never have been so active as in this book. I love read all the rituals, how to make potions, his magic and aura readings. SO MUCH MAGIC IN THIS BOOK! Loved it! I notice how serious he was.. This is the book with less jokes and there is a reason... But I can't talk about it... You must read to know. So, yes, it's a 5 stars, and I'm crossing my fingers (and toes, and asking you to crossing yours too, the more the merrier) there will be more soon! It has an end, not a cliffhanger or anything that let me frustrated. Nope, at all! There is a true end. But... It was so good, I think it our be a pity end now! I WANT MORE! Just 3 book about Dafydd the Warlock and Paul the Vampire are not enough!
  • The Case of the Werewolf Puppy on July 25, 2014

    I liked the first book of this series so much (The case of the haunted vampire) that I got the second book immediately after! And I wasn't disappointed! I loved discover more supernatural creatures (the werewolves) I loved read how Dafydd do his magic I... No sorry, can't keep writing a review... I can't wait to read book 3! Starting it now!!!!! So yeah, sorry, short review.. But I need to keep reading!
  • Human Choices on Aug. 06, 2014

    I'm giving 5 stars because: *the writing is superb *The story is independ but it's part of the same universe of Human Frailties. You can read it without reading Human Frailties (but I recommend you do... Because it's a humorous fantasy and another freebie!) *I adored Khy. Poor sweet Khy... His story is heartbreaking
  • Facing the Mirror (Guardians of the Pattern, Book 0) on Aug. 06, 2014

    I just finish this book and I can't get out from my mouth a very bitter taste of sorrow and disgust... No, not because of the book itself, it's a 5 stars... It's because of the theme, and the plot. Cameron Asada, undercover agent fighting against drug lords, or Cameron Verga, important tool, worker of the most feared drug lord? That's the protagonist... Who he is facing in the mirror? After 4 years doing the most illegal works how can the man the different from the beast? The beast that enter in men minds, find their most hidden secrets... All done to help a drug lord to be stronger. What can make Verga, the beast, be Asada the man again? Don't read it if you have low tolerance to darkness and noncon scenes. It's not a romance, it's not a sweet story... It's dark, cruel... Magnificent. I loved it, and even now, after I finish it, I'm still thinking about them. The protagonist and some secondary characters I can named (I refuse to spoil anything about the story)... And I believe I will keep thinking for a while. 5 stars
  • Hunter of Demons on Aug. 30, 2014

    I saw this freebie and because I adored another book by this author I decided to try it... I'm glad I did!!! I'm torn, between be in love with Caleb, fragile and sweet lonely guy or Gray the destructive and cold Drakul... But.. Should I? Can one be someone without the other? Can the reader see it, two separated personalities, the man and the vampire? There is only one way to answer it... I must keep reading. And I will. 5 stars.