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  • Earth on Aug. 02, 2011

    Earth is a very fresh read that mixes a young adult romance and imaginative magical twist. While witchcraft has been a common experience in the paranormal genre; this book seems to take on a deeper understanding of their abilities and beliefs. Much of this story is detail and character building which gives the story an overall slower pace than what I have come to expect. Although, I feel that this novel laid a very strong basis for the following books to come. The potential is evident in the last eighty pages when the story began to flow and the characters were actively unraveling the mystery laid before them. This also opened the door for the romance that seemed to be missing in the beginning of this novel. The amateur talent that is so common in a first novel was lacking in Earth; creating a detail ridden story that attempts to bring readers to the characters level of knowledge. I look for the next novel to overcome is slow and steady pace bringing an action packed and thrilling ride. Earth is a very inventive and unique story that readers will appreciate, but it will offer some pace and interest obstacles that will require focus to overcome.
  • Heart on a Chain on Aug. 02, 2011

    Heart on a Chain is another heart stopping story about a young girl surviving a life of abuse at the hands of her own mother. This story is a horrifying realization about what such a life experience entails. Kate was a typical child until life changes result in a broken home that proves a danger everyday. The romance for Kate and Henry is bitter sweet, and a calming addition for such a brutal novel. With a stolen kiss in middle school and love across time this story offer a tragic story with a smooth happy ending. Beginning slowly I was concerned at first if this story would carry me through, but a short struggle was relieved as the story picks up in intensity and pace. While this is a story based on the darkness and secrets; I love her ability to highlight the good. Kate begins reminiscing on the past shows what a truly remarkable person Henry was and is. When the story turns, and their love builds I see the writer focusing on the good of Kate character without directly highlighting the comparison of these two people. Amazingly, two people from completely different backgrounds have managed to become people with quite similar morals and ethics. Understandably, Henry’s values can be a result of such a loving and inspiring family. It was easy to see the attraction Kate carries for not only Henry, but also for his entire family. Especially that unique and witty Grandpa Henry. This character was a shining gem in this book; that readers will love during his short role. Altogether the story is a memorable read and eye opening experience for readers. It would be a very good experience for the young adult readers it has targeted.
  • Vampire Shift (Kiera Hudson Series) Book One on Nov. 27, 2011

    Vampire Shift is a twist of paranormal romance and horror. Tim O'Rourke offers a unique species of vampires that are presented as the terrifying and horrific monsters that were once a common knowledge. The story is a very entertaining read. Kiera Hudson is a young female cop that has been assigned to this little one horse town. Upon her arrival it is evident that this job is going to be a far cry from normal. O'Rourke take no time jumping right into the story, and frightening readers with his inventive characters. Tim shows room for improvement, but it is obvious that this author has a powerful story to tell. I look forward to seeing future novels improve, and observing the promising journey of this talented author.
  • Rock the Band (Black Falcon 1.5) on Feb. 16, 2013

    lways Waiting For More! Noel and Lane offered an explosive journey in Rock the Heart. I was immediately in love with this story, and will be a fan for the duration. Rock the Band is a novella that falls between books one and two. Noel and Lane have had to overcome some pretty tremendous obstacles for this relationship, but it is proving to be well worth it in the end. This short story follows directly up to Rock the Heart, and will give readers just a little teaser for where the story is going. Lane now unemployed will be on a mission to build her own career, but the development over this short story predict a very dangerous future. This mixed with Noel’s finally discovering that home presents itself in a person rather than place will result in a risk of everything to keep what he holds dear. This was a powerful little story, and I am happy with the direction it is pushing the overall story. I will be biting my nails everyday until I have more. There is so much promise in these story, and I look forward to every minute we will get.~BookWhisperer Reviewer JO~