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  • Angel Evolution on March 10, 2012

    Angel Evolution starts with Taylor starting her college (university) life. She's with her best friend, Samantha aka Sam. When she sees Gabriel Knight she can always see light around him as if he's an angel. *Cough, cough* Although you could already guess with the book's title. And then Christopher turns up. Oh and did i tell you he's a demon? Woa, woa, woa! Wait. Did i just read the whole book right? Yes i did! I love David! The plot that he has used for the book is too good to be true. Both the Angels and Demons want Taylor. She can give them energy for the war between them. From the start i thought the Angel was the bad guys and the Demons were the good guys but David shocks you when they form a different alliance; Gabrielle-the angel, Christopher-the demon and Taylor-the energy loader. I thought all of this added the spice to this book and it keeps the reader on the edge to know what will happen next. You never know. Maybe i'll be in the book?! Lol. Mystery! I love mystery! And that is one of the things that i love about this book; mystery. The first half of the book just doesn't give you answers it gives you hints and clues. This book is filled with mystery and the best thing is it keeps you hanging! When i was reading the book ALOT of questions came into my head. For example, who was Gabrielle? Is he really Gabrielle as in one of the Archangels? Who is Taylor, exactly? Why do the want her? For now i will stop these lists of question. I also thought that the wings peaked my curiosity. Wings! The way Davis puts a different way of putting wings on angel's NECK i don't get but it is original. However, i still love it if wing was stuck to the back and not on your necks! It sends me chills every time i read it! In addition, angels also have bright auras around their body and for some reason from the start only Taylor can see it. That means she's someone important. Ooooh! Awwwww! Sam and Christoper's relationship is so cute! On the other hand, Taylor and Gabriel's relationship is.....urmmm.....well, you can't really describe it. Gabriel is confused if he should really hand her to the elders, but he loves her. The villain in this story is portrayed as a snake. I have alway hated snakes and i always will.Taylor describes the snake; it's skin and blood are 'inky-black' and it's eyes are 'blood-red'. Even though, it's a story David makes it feel real. The only draw back in this book was that sometimes i think important descriptions are missing. However, i would still recommend this to people who love paranormal romance.
  • Frost on May 26, 2012

    *Received a copy for a honest review. I have got to say Frost is not your typical read. It is in the shadows and the darkness. Lia Weaver lives with her siblings, her sister, Ivy and her brother, Jonn. Her parents were killed by watchers. In Frost there are secrets that could kill you and if you roam around you won't live for long. The Watchers watch your every step. They are monsters. The Fathers are from another land. It all starts when Ivy finds him lying on the snow bleeding. By Lia looking after him it means betraying the villages trust. But when they find out that he (Gabe) is a Father and a rouge, Lia's world turns upside down. She finds secrets that have been hidden from her and also finds love. But some time's it can be too late. Hold on, i need to breathe! I just can't stop boasting about this! Everything was perfect except *one little thing*, and i repeat: "one little thing." Anyway, moving on. First things first: i love Kate Avery Ellision! Her writing is so beautiful and the way she puts twists in her story! The plot of this story is set in a fantasy world, where people live in Frost and the Fathers live in a world of dull days. There are also Watchers (god are they creepy!) Every time, the pop up into the story it sends you shivers down your spine (and let me tell you, it's not in a good way.) These people do not mix together! And oh how i loved it! I just loved each and every single thing about the plot, the Fathers and the Watchers. The only thing that annoyed me was that Lia, our main character, was brave but she couldn't make her mind up! Seriously! Make your mind up, girl!! Gabe, i thought, was a interesting character but he was more of a normal guy to me. The story didn't really look into him in more detail of his feelings and i would have loved it if there was. The only things we know are little detail was his story of how he got here. Other than these things i loved every single thing about it! The mystery in this story is just mesmerising. You can't help but wait in anticipation (and maybe skip a few words or paragraphs.) The different characters in this book are all for a purpose and oh was i shocked when i found out some things. Some of these characters don't even look like they could kill people! So, in the end, i have to say i loved reading Frost! It's one of my favourite book for a creep-you-out read. And i would highly recommend to read Frost or one of Ellison's work.
  • Pandora's Key on May 26, 2012

    Pandora's Key has its ups and downs like every other books but significant because of the twisted Greek mythology is intriguing. On her sixteenth birthday Evangeline is given the key necklace that has been passed down generations in her family-mother to daughter. But when Evangeline mother starts to get sick and  Evangeline is hallucinating she can't help but think that something is really wrong. Malledy is a Archavist with a desease (huntington's disease) he wishes for a cure but there isn't hope. But there is a chance that Pandora's descendant will cure him-if he finds her. Firstly, i would say that Pandora is a great book but it also had some negative points. One, the slow pace after the exciting start started to bore me, however, it did pick up so i did enjoy it. Seconly, what really annoyed me was Evangeline. Evangeline is a strong character but she didn't put much effort in actually believing on the Pandora. She only started to realise like nearly a quarter to the end and that really ticked me off. On the other hand, i loved the greek mythology twist in the story! For a start i love greek mythology so it already had a positive point before i read it and then i found out that it was about the Padora's Box (of course because of the title) it added another plus side to it. Then, another thing i loved about the greek mythology twist was that Malledy was a Activist. Actvists are people who gets mission to get things (and let me tell you they are not ordinary stuffs.) These are immortal things that we humans or any mortal can never lie their eyes on. Therefore, i would give it a rating of 3.5