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  • Meeting Destiny on Dec. 13, 2011

    When I first started reading this story I couldn’t figure out whether it was YA, Paranormal, Fantasy, or Romance. It actually ended up being an interesting and well written amalgamation of all four genres. Lauren is a college student who is strangely clairvoyant. She gets impressions about people and is aware of events before they happen. Working in a fast food restaurant, Lauren encounters one of these events that alters the course of her destiny. Placing herself in harm’s way, Lauren saves the lives of restaurant patrons, her co-workers and a small child. She is shot in the leg near her femoral artery and on her way to the hospital meets Max, one of her paramedics. She is immediately drawn by Max’s sea foam green eyes and recognizes him as the man of her dreams, literally. She has been having dreams about Max for several years and he has been leaving her cryptic messages that she did not understand at the time. Their first meeting begins a roller coaster sequence of events. Lauren seemed to be a walking quagmire magnet. Her Spidey Sense lead her into some interesting situations. However through these situations she learned to trust herself and her gift. Ms. Straight has done an excellent job telling a compelling tale. The characters were diverse and the story is interesting, witty, and compelling. I am eager to read the continuation of the story in Destiny's Revenge. Well done Ms. Straight!
  • Destiny's Revenge (Destiny Series Book 2) on Dec. 13, 2011

    Meeting Destiny was an interesting tale of a young woman coming of age and recognizing her gift of clarivoyance. Destiny's Revenge picks up the saga after Lauren's awakening from a two year coma. She wakes to a very different reality where family and friendshave seemingly moved on without her. Seth is with Amanda and Max has enlisted as a Corpsman in the Navy. She also discovers that she has awakened with a gift from her captor, the Beast. She now has the gift of sight which could be used to destroy him. Together with Max and assisted by Rewsna they work to foil the plans of the Beast and lead to his distruction. I actually enjoyed this book more than I did Meeting Destiny. I felt for Max and Lauren because they had so much adversity in their fledgling relationship that it just didn't seem as if they would make it. It was interesting reading the interplay between them. Lauren's strength of character as a heroine was amazing. She knew what her gift was and she decided to use it to help others, no matter the cost to herself, and even at times, her relationship with Max. The pace was faster and Lauren's "powers" are more advanced in this book. Ms. Straight once again did an exemplary job conveying and unique and engaging story.
  • The Beast in the Mirror on Jan. 11, 2012

    This was story was an interesting take on Beauty and the Beasty. Christoper, the Beast, was cursed by a witch but one sighting of the beautiful Rose and his heart was lost to her forever. This 5,000 word novella was sweet and heartwarming and has a very interesting twist of at the end.
  • No Experience Required (a Summer Rains Novel) on Dec. 31, 2012

    I will first begin by saying that I was given No Experience Required (A Summer Rains Novel) in exchange for an honest review. This story is about Summer Light Rains, (yes...that is her real name), grew up in a simple living commune with her parents and a few other couples outside of San Francisco, CA. Summer's best friend, Gandhi Willow Rhys, (I swear I'm not making these names up...*snicker*) is two years older than her but the two of them are inseparable in their youth. As they reach adolescence they recognize their budding attraction for one another but Gandhi quickly puts a kibosh on it. Once they reach college age, Gandhi goes to Yale University and Summer goes to Hale University (yep, there is a LOL story there). The two friends lose touch and Summer settles her adult life in San Francisco. For Summer, her life moves along at a mediocre pace. She has no "real" job and takes odd jobs like being a video hoochie to support herself. Enter rock star: Dustin Wiles. Dustin decides that Summer must be his and stops at nothing to get her. And THAT is where all her problems begin. After reading her paranormal books, Lauren Stewart has quickly become one of my favorite authors so I jumped at the opportunity to review this book when asked. Let me tell you that about 50% into the story, I started to get a bit frustrated with it. Why you ask? Because, frankly, Summer irritated the snot out of me with her hijinks and sarcastic rejoinders to mostly everything. But, I kept reading, because of my commitment to the review. When I reached 65% in the story, I had a mindset shift. I "GOT IT". Summer was absolutely created that way for a reason. She is an unlikely "heroine" because she just couldn't seem to stay out of trouble...trouble that she often created...but trouble nonetheless. So, in that respect, Stewart's writing is genius because I was as irritated with Summer as Detective Ronin was. She raised my blood pressure. LOL. With my new mindset, I reflected on the first half of the story as I read the rest of it and thoroughly enjoyed the story's direction. It was very well done and it was masterful the way that Summer stumbled into who done it! Stewart created a story that was, in fact, witty, detailed, and highly engaging. I never expected the story to end as it did but it was an excellent and fitting. Lovers of comedic mysteries will greatly enjoy this story. I look forward to seeing what's next for Ms. Summer.
  • The Impostor, A Love Story on March 30, 2013

    This book provided by the author for an honest review. The Impostor, A Love Story was a story about twenty-two Nicole Carlisle, a woman starting her life over in Alaska after a very tumultuous and abusive relationship with her daughter's father. Accompanied by her best friend Emily on her journey, they encounter one difficulty after another just trying to get to their destination -- including missing one flight and almost missing another. But, thanks to a kind soul, Bradley (aka Brad), the girls find their way on a sold out plane and begin their big adventure. During their flight, the girls are completely charmed by Brad because of his good nature and subtle sparks simmer between him and Nicole. But Nicole is hesitant to start a new relationship because of the dealings she had with her ex. Parting ways amicably from Brad, Nicole and Emily settle into their new home and look toward starting their waitressing job at the local watering hole. Expecting never to see Brad again, the girls are surprised to discover that he is their new boss. As time goes on, Nicole and Brad establish a nice working rapport the buds into a lovely friendship. Enter Dylan Richardson. Dylan is a hot and sexy guitarist for one of the bands that is playing at the bar where Nicole and Emily work. If sparks simmered between Nicole and Brad, they were almost nuclear between Dylan and Nicole. Every interaction between them was full of chemistry and mildly veiled attraction from Nicole but very overt interest and flirtation from Dylan. The two begin a sultry dance of "will they, won't they" and eventually, the "will they" wins out after steady pursuit from Dylan. Nicole allows her feelings for Dylan to deepen and learns to trust in love again. But sadly, all is not quiet in Alaska. A serial killer is on the loose and he is the most diabolical of all kinds because he is disguised as a friend. Can they figure out who the imposter is before it's too late?!?!? ~•~ Overall, I enjoyed The Impostor, A Love Story. The premise of the story was interesting and I always appreciate a good romantic thriller. I absolutely loved Dylan. He was very sweet...very understanding...and very loving to Nicole and her daughter Jessica. I would have ripped him from the pages of my Kindle and taken him as my own if I could have. Unfortunately I had a love/hate relationship with Nicole though. Sometimes I really liked her character. She was a young woman trying to make her place in the world on her own terms. I could totally respect and appreciate that dimension of her personality. However, her naiveté grated on me at times. There were a few times when my Kindle was in peril of "Shaking Kindle Syndrome" because I was trying to shake some sense into Nicole. The clues to the serial killer were subtle but they were there for the reader to follow the trail. Nicole was totally oblivious to them though. I'm sure Nicole's portrayal was intentional by Ms. Carmouche but the girl barely escaped with her life because of it. For those who enjoy high octane stories from beginning to end be prepared to appreciate a story with a slow build up. The action did not pick up until my Kindle was about at 60%. It was definitely a slower pace than I typically enjoy but the story was not unenjoyable. The Impostor, A Love Story. was a solid start to Carmouche's thrilling trilogy series. I mostly enjoyed everything about it........except the dreaded cliffhanger at the end.