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Smashwords book reviews by booluvskitty

  • Lost Wanderer Awakened - Book One of the Airendell Chronicles on July 20, 2014

    These characters are very likeable, their love affair was exciting. The love scenes were very, very hot! The author lets us see how deep their feelings for each other truly are. At the beginning of the story, Deirdra (Morna) is devastated physically and emotionally in a violent car crash caused by an ancient enemy that she doesn't even remember. As she struggles to deal with the loss of her family Lucian Michaels watches over her from the fringes of her shattered life. Lucian is an ancient Spell Weaver turned vampire. He is Morna's one true mate who has been watching over her since she was cursed into perpetual reincarnation in the 1400's. His love for Morna and his amazing patience help Morna reclaim her memories, her magic and her destiny. The connection between these two lovers is magical. The tale that unfolds around them is exciting and I can't wait to read the second installment in this epic love story.