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In the past, air around homes was clean; there were fewer pollutants and few allergies. Over the years HEPA filters have been further developed to satisfy a greater demand for air purity not only in homes but also in various industries like aerospace, electronic micro circuitry, biopharmaceutical labs, and in office and commercial complexes.

The Kenmore 83396 doesn't have the same filtering performance as larger air purifiers, but it's an excellent and affordable option for smaller rooms up to 318 square feet. hunter filters Please, check the cleaning instructions for your specific Air Purifier in your user manual.

During WWI, it was discovered that it could be used in gas masks to protect soldiers, as well as for war time water and air purifiers. Read product descriptions and manufacturer literature to determine if the air purifier you are interested in has a filter indicator light.

The most effective way to manage pollutants in your air is to avoid introducing them in the first place. Of course, it's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't be better off with a cleaner atmosphere inside their home, and air purifiers can certainly play a helpful role.

Since the HEPA filter needs to be replaced only after 2-5 years, the cost of maintenance goes down significantly and you can actually budget for the filters over a considerable period of time. A good air purifier removes allergens, dust, gases, and other pollutants from the room air, leaving behind clean air for your lung's benefit.

One more point she makes is to make sure that the purifier comes with a warranty, and offers good customer service and easy replacement of filters. Can Remove Odors- An efficient allergy air purifier will contain a combination of filters that will not only remove particulates but odors as well.

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