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Jon has published two self published books: "Letter to Norman Mailer: From Jail to Yale"; and, "GOD, Senator Kennedy, and Whitey Bulger: How Whitey Helped Save The World."A high school dropout/ex-heroin addict - I twice attended Harvard Health Careers Summer Program, graduated from Hampshire College, completed all courses at the Yale School of Medicine, attended classes at the Yale School of Law (Professor Stephen Wizner stated: "Only Jon Parker knows what’s happening in class today."), and graduated from the Yale School of Public Health. In 1985, I founded the National AIDS Brigade. I was featured in The New York Times (11/20/89, p.1). That article quoted Yale Professor Alvin Novick: "Jon Parker is an original. He combines genuine knowledge of the street scene, from his own life, with a brilliant mind and an extraordinary commitment to helping addicts. I’m one of his disciples." In 1990, I received a $50,000 prize from the Drug Policy Foundation for "outstanding achievement in drug-policy reform." I have been featured undertaking AIDS prevention on PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and BBC. One CBS program was nominated for an Emmy. A NPR (WBUR) program won a national prize. Now comes the true crime book: “'Gaga': The Real Whitey Bulger/ Irish Mob Story.

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