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  • Inherited Danger on Feb. 17, 2011

    This is a nice story with a good pace and a strong heroine that you want to root for. The series sounds exciting. I picked up Inherited Danger before reading The Dawning of Power, and I kind of regret doing that. The second book leaves out any mention of what had transpired in the beginning. The beginning of the book draws you in, but you do not learn what happened for the group to set out on this mission and why they ended up on two different boats. I'm not a fan of lengthy synopses in the beginning of sequels, but the characters don't even talk about it in passing, which I found not very believable. So I was a bit lost for the first half of the book. It was hard to picture the characters, and I could not even tell how old Strom and Osbourne were. I wish I could have had more information on certain things, especially after finding out that Catrin's hair had been chopped short for some reason. I had to struggle through the story a bit after that change in perception. That being said, I like the overall plot, so I will likely pick up The Dawning of Power, but I must point out that this is not a standalone book. The series has to be started at the beginning if you want to truly enjoy the saga.