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  • Represent on May 18, 2011

    This is first-rate Rob Reuland, and Rob Reuland is the best of the best. If it's published as an e-book because it was turned down by his publisher, I suspect the reason may be that they were not satisfied by the motivation of the whodunit aspect of the book. If so, that's too bad, because to a Rob Reuland aficionado that aspect is incidental. Like Rob's other crime novels, Represent rises far above the genre classification that publishers look to for reassurance. The murder mystery is just one component of the deep enjoyment this book provides, and not the most important component. And I suspect that Rob presented us with crimes that had no ready-made easy-to-understand motives because, as he knows from experience, that's the way it is in real life. For him, it was simply part of the verisimilitude that he does so well. That's my guess. I hope that's not what caused his publisher to make the mistake of foregoing their chance to add this solid achievement to their list.