Myron Norman


Myron Norman is a pastor, teacher, writer, researcher, and author of Demons in the Marketplace: The Fall of Christian Visionaries. His fascinating story of surviving childhood trauma, drugs and other addictions, street life and incarceration to surviving an on the job attack leaving him with a traumatic brain injury and debilitating spinal trauma.

In his newest release, Lifesaving FAQs of How Food Reversed My Brain Damage details the neuro-nutritional research Myron Norman consumed years before being viciously attacked on his job resulting in a traumatic brain injury and how he used his research to save his own brain. He has written other books covering a myriad of topics from family secrets, divorce, step-family issues, spiritual warfare and scientific research.

Myron serves as a Justice Advocate for Prison Fellowship and is purposed to give voice to the men, women and families impacted by recidivism at every angle. While he champions the lives of the incarcerated, Myron devotes has a prophetic message for everyday people incarcerated by emotional and mental sufferings. Having experienced both a physical and mental prison, Myron is able to relate to both sides of the struggle.


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