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Studied ophthalmology and ophthalmic optics at university in Glasgow. Clinical schedules took in sessions in other establishments across the city e.g. Glasgow Eye Infirmary, Western Infirmary. One Easter week, in spite of looming exams, I spent the precious time on a poultry farm killing 700 chickens with a knife. I graduated, nevertheless. Later studies added psychoanalytical psychology and engineering to my merit.
Moving south to Coventry, I served my Internship year in NHS hospital practice in the Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital, the country's largest outpatient department at that time. In addition to a tiring background cacophony of patients' voices, an extra burden of a workload was when half of the department's doctors/consultants went off sick for a week, victims of a critical outbreak of flu, leaving me to manage on my own. And I did --just.
My Intern year finished, my next port of call was the Big Smoke. Life was much quieter, though still fairly hectic as locum duties took me far and wide across the Greater London Area. Treating West End VIPs required a measured primness of manner, especially with an Arabian Princess (really). Promoted later to Clinical Director in the city's eastern sector meant clientele of lesser affluence perhaps, but better salary, nevertheless.
Some years later, having returned to Scotland, a creative spurring had me bringing an old concept from student days to life. So it was that I set about producing and marketing my own patented product(UK,USA,S/Africa patents). Alas, with my never having been blessed with entrepreneurial flare, that enterprise was relatively short-lived.
Running my own psychoanalytical therapy clinic was my next venture. In addition, this included putting in several hours a week at the local psychiatric hospital. But waitng between patients' appointments can be boring. So I set up a confidential intelligence agancy(MIS) via the Internet. Using 3500 special search engines I could trawl the globe for information on missing persons desperately sought by their loved ones. I connected legally with many sources e.g. FBI, Interpol, US/Canadian and Australian law enforcement and intelligence agencies, as well as many other agencies across the world.
I am now retired to a 'quiet life' (?) of writing novels.

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