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Brandy de Cusack was born and brought up in Birmingham, United Kingdom, but tries to keep it quiet. She’s been a Legal PA, an Equalities and Diversity Officer, a Web Administrator and a Charity Development Worker and leaves a long line of frustrated and mentally exhausted managers behind her. She currently works in Quality Assurance and Contract Compliance and enjoys criticising her colleagues’ performance on a daily basis.
Her publishing credits include a number of role-related articles in Charity magazines. A proud geek, Brandy spent her childhood engrossed in comic books and science fiction. As an adult, she spends her spare time engrossed in comic books and science fiction and dresses up as movie, game and TV characters to scare small children for charity. Brandy can assemble a Star Wars E11 blaster in under 20 minutes and would like to be reincarnated as a Vulcan. Her main influences in life are Hunter S Thompson and Spike Milligan, which explains a lot.
Brandy is married and both she and her husband live in servitude to a psychopathic cat called Pickle. She has no children that she’s aware of.
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