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Okay...let's see what can I tell you about me, well first of all I am a wife of 30 plus years to an absolute wonderful man of my dreams.

I am a mother of four amazing children that have given me ten grandchildren. And a wonderful granddaughter who has now given us a great grandson. To say I love the Lord is an understatement, without the Lord I am nothing. I grew up in the church and I am also a minister.

Ever since I can remember I have loved to read and to be read too.

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  • Megan's Way on Oct. 17, 2012

    Three words: OH MY GOSH!!! The Author Melissa Foster has done it again here. This book took me from one emotion to another. It may be a work of fiction but how many times does this really happen in real life. Sickness, lies, love, secrets, looking back to the past. Melissa really puts a lot of punch into this book. The characters are down to earth, angry, hurt, concerned, scared, emotions all over the place. And when I say characters there, I mean All of them. YES, even the guys!! I do not believe that I have every read a book in which my own emotions were all over like this. I mean that I have read some great awesome books but this one well. From one page to the next that I was not crying, screaming, mad, and yes even laughing. In some places where Megan would describe some of her beliefs and life I would just sit down and die... pardon the word there, but really, I would think of some other people that would say "yeah, that is how it is and if you don't like it there is the door" (not in the book that way but in my head) =] I have read some other book by Author Melissa Foster but this one for some reason I just wanted more. I wanted it to say the ending was not the real ending. Or some other twist. Not that there was not enough twists and turn in this one but it was just I rooted for Megan, and well I will not give away the book. I always try my best not too. I feel that you should read for your self. This review is just my words. And you need to make up your own mind. I love love how Author Melissa Foster put these friends together. I love the part that Megan had a daughter, but the other Characters did not. You will see what I mean about this when you read it. I even loved how the book took different paths and at times it seemed long it still all came together. Not many can do that, but here Author Melissa Foster did. Also in the back of the book she put a Conversation with Melissa Foster. Oh the insights!! This is a must read for 2011!! So for those reasons I am giving a Breath of Life Rating: Five Clock Rating!!!