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  • A Luminous Future on July 01, 2012
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    An exceptional story... Earlier today, I was making plans for our annual Fourth of July BBQ party. Tonight, I am writing down my impressions of the incredibly moving, “A Luminous Future” by Dr. Teodor Flonta. How are these two related? Well, I think so many people in my position take our freedoms for granted, even if we think we don’t. As I prepare to celebrate my country’s Independence Day, I am struck by the fact that not only are many others denied the same freedoms we enjoy, but that they can be so viciously and cruelly mistreated in the name of a political faction. If I was being honest with myself, would I have had the strength and courage as Teodor Flonta and his family if I was in their shoes? I honestly don’t know. And that is why I was so impressed with this book and so moved by their actions. I have a feeling this story will stay with me for a long time, and I’ve already given it to my oldest daughter to read (she’s in college). Thank you for sharing this marvelous story with the world, and God Bless you and your lovely family!
  • The Caline Conspiracy on Sep. 05, 2012
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    In a way this book reminded me a bit of the movie “IRobot”, but with a pet instead of a robot. Very intriguing concept, and I especially enjoyed the premise because although it isn’t real (yet), it totally feels like one day it will be! With all the advances in genetic engineering that have taken place over the past few decades, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before scientists will create the perfect companion pet for people, like the calines. So I was definitely pulled into this story, and was impressed with the quality of clear, descriptive writing from the authors. This is a fast paced read, and fans of good mysteries, pet lovers, scifi readers…heck, anyone who enjoys an excellent read should be sure to pick it up. Definitely recommend.
  • Oil and Corruption on Feb. 13, 2013
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    I actually really liked this book. I admit this surprised me because at first I didn’t think I would – and only because I was thinking “what kind of an idiot keeps building a villa just so that the terrorists can blow it up?” I mean come on! Big world out there, buddy… move on. But although Mr. 3.64% is the first “quirky” character to show up, he certainly isn’t the last. This novel had some of the most interesting characters (with funny names) I’ve seen in a while. And a very entertaining read that I enjoyed.
  • Silicon Succession on July 22, 2013
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    Silicon Succession by author Jason Hoult is quite riveting reading at times, but also left me wanting more. While the plot and action scenes were fully and meticulously detailed, there was a certain shallowness to the characters that left me wanting. I always felt like I was more on the ‘outside looking in’ on the story instead of being right in the center. But it made for entertaining escapism and that is why I enjoy reading these types of books. There were some minor editing things, but not bad enough to bother me any. I’m interested to see how this story continues to unfold and how Iain continues to grow and develop as a hero, if indeed he does.