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Born in the 80's, and lived the 90's, brothers James and Brendan Dwyer live in Cork and Dublin, Ireland.
Cult Fiction is their first published novel.

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War of Flames
Pre-release—available December 25, 2018. Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 135,490. Language: English. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Sequel to Fireborn, Heights of Power Book 3
Masks of Moi'dan
Price: $5.95 USD. Words: 119,060. Language: English. Published: April 18, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
Masks of Moi'dan
Twelve Weapons
Price: $4.50 USD. Words: 130,500. Language: English. Published: April 1, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic, Fiction » Fantasy » General
In the second Season of Birth, the world was reborn and blessed with mortal life who worshipped the Weapons as gods, crafting the world to their glory. Each new Cycle saw more life born and reborn only to become subject to the Weapons’ will, only to be given a hopeless life under a Weapon’s rule. Hopeless, until one day a Human named Adelis uncovers the way to kill them.
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 64,200. Language: English. Published: July 20, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Sci-Fi & fantasy
Dovid lives in a perfect world, free of crime, war, or poverty, and everyone is given everything they could possibly need, but before you reach the age of sixteen you will lose one of your senses. Your eyes will fall out, or your nose will slide off, your tongue will decompose, your ears will rip free, or your skin will rot and harden into scar tissue. And nobody thinks this is strange.
Price: $4.50 USD. Words: 279,510. Language: English. Published: February 18, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General
Fantasy adventure that follows the lives of four Fureath'i warriors that become legends
Cult Fiction
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 131,160. Language: English. Published: July 10, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure, Fiction » Fantasy » General
Municipal City: the only place on earth where you can be anyone. Anyone from your favourite movies, books, tv shows, comics, video games or any cult media you can imagine. This is not virtual reality. This is real.

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