Brenda Perlin


Brenda Perlin is an independent contemporary fiction author of six titles and numerous short stories.

Ever since she was a child, Brenda has been fascinated with the writing process. She draws her biggest inspiration from Judy Blume who sparked her obsession with pursuing personal expression through prose. Brenda has always lost herself in the world of literature.

Her first series, Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles, captures the soul-wrenching conflicts of a couple struggling for emotional fulfillment against those who would keep them apart. Next, Brenda ventured into the realm of animal rescue, Alex the Mutt, which explores the journey of love and loss of a beloved dog.

Her latest novel, PUNKS comes after Crime and PUNKishment as well as Punk Rocker and L.A. Punk Rocker, all four are anthologies where authors write about the music scene in the late seventies to the early eighties: a time when she was in Hollywood meeting famous bands and enjoying the new music scene. L.A. Punk Snapshots is her latest. There she shares quotes from famous and not famous music enthusiasts and old photographs from the early punk scene in Los Angeles.

While Brenda is still listening to her favorite bands from the eighties, Billy Idol remains the ultimate King Rocker and music is just as important to her as ever.

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Burnt Promises: Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles (Book One)
Bo and Brooklyn’s relationship is tested while Bo’s soon-to-be-ex wife tries to hold on for dear life. Bo’s ongoing divorce battle seems never-ending. 

Brooklyn acquires many valuable lessons about herself, not without making many costly mistakes along the way. Now that she has found what she considered, her “soul-mate” in Bo, she would have to defend herself against even her closest of friends, family members, and Bo’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Ruth. 

This first person account chronicles the inexhaustible struggles she faces with the man that she loves. Brooklyn must learn a thing or two about patience as Bo’s divorce settlement seems to be never ending. Throughout her journey, Brooklyn shares some of Ruth’s intimate emails to Bo and gives you a good look into the mind of a woman scorned.


Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 34,180. Language: English. Published: August 30, 2023. Categories: Nonfiction » Entertainment » Music, Nonfiction » Music » Punk
Maybe it’s time to re-visit those days of stripped-down, anti-establishment music. Though, for some of us, we’re not really paying a visit to the past: a part of us never left it to begin with.
Crime and PUNKishment
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 48,470. Language: English. Published: August 9, 2019. Categories: Nonfiction » Music » Punk, Nonfiction » Music » Individual Composer & Musician
In ‘Crime and Punkishment’, Brenda Perlin and her collaborators catalog in words and pictures those days of hope and rebellion...
Punk Rocker
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 35,230. Language: English. Published: May 8, 2016. Categories: Nonfiction » Music » Punk, Nonfiction » Entertainment » Music
Along with Brenda and the West Coast punks, Punk Rocker features rebels, writers, commentators and street kids from all over America – talking about the music, the fashion, the attitude, the passion, the lifestyle and, of course, the bands who made it all happen.
L.A. Punk Rocker
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 22,540. Language: English. Published: October 29, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Music » Punk, Nonfiction » Entertainment » Music
#1 BEST SELLER - PUNK #1 BEST SELLER - PHOTOJOURNALISM This is what Billy Idol had to say about L.A. Punk Rocker… "Pretty wild chapter on me…maybe u shouldv’e written my book, good luck with it..BFI.” Fifteen stories from the eighties set in Los Angeles, written by LA Punk Queen Brenda Perlin and her friends who lived every moment of an electric era in the City of Angels.
Fractured Vows (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book Two)
Series: Burnt Promises: Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles (Book One). Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 42,270. Language: English. Published: October 25, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Autobiographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction » Relationships & Family » Divorce
When love comes with a price...  A vengeful ex just won’t let go. Bo and Brooklyn’s worlds are turned upside down as they find themselves facing insanity in the form of an angry woman who loses all reason when she tries to destroy them. 
Burnt Promises (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles Book One) Second Edition
Series: Burnt Promises: Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles (Book One). Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 40,770. Language: English. Published: October 25, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Literary biography, Fiction » Literature » Literary
Bo and Brooklyn’s relationship is tested while Bo’s soon-to-be-ex wife continues to try to hold on for dear life. Bo’s ongoing divorce battle seems never-ending.

Smashwords book reviews by Brenda Perlin

  • One More Chance on Sep. 20, 2014

    This is a beautiful collection of stories, One Part Good: The Stories by Janni Styles which caught me by surprise. The writing is clear and heartfelt. There is real-life emotion running through these pieces that made them irresistible for me to put down. This was a quick read that got me thinking about life and my own experiences. There is a special quality to the authors voice. I would give this a full hearted five stars that are well deserved. Without giving the essence away, I was pleasantly pleased. The honesty and the realness that the author shared made this a beautiful experience. I highly recommend. Quote from Dance Lessons ~ “With that, she'd blow us kisses from between her neatly polished fingernails and be gone again, leaving us to navigate the eggshell mines on our own. Ardette and I were only twelve but we were already witnessing the best coping technique for difficult personalities that we could ever hope to put into practice. Ardette wasn’t as outspoken as I was but we both realized the power in that coping technique Aunt Frances had honed on our mother the first time I used it on a teacher when we were in the seventh grade together.”
  • Spiritshine - the verses on Sep. 20, 2014

    "Safety love kindness untold measures Two friends veined likewise branching treasures One falls the other stays ~Friendship Love lives in Aurora Morelist's Spiritshine. She writes from the depth of her soul. Her poetry is honest and open as her raw talent speaks through her words. There is beauty in her language that couldn't possibly be duplicated in any way, shape or form. She writes with her heart on her sleeve and pulls you in. There is pain and sorrow in her prose but at the same time there is acceptance and optimism. The hope has not died and the yearning for something better is present in her work. With the pain there is sunshine. There is a longing for something better. An understanding that there is good to come. Spiritshine "There is a place where I know who I am and why the world is the way it is and what my purpose here is. There is a place where I doubt this almost daily. And yet, I know. I believe we all have this place inside us, deep within the layers of our human spirit soulfulness where love lives. I believe we all doubt ourselves in some small way. And yet, we grow."
  • Destiny Lane on Dec. 30, 2014

    "Have you ever had a feeling that there is something more out there in life?" DESTINY LANE by Mel Toye is in a way an Alice in Wonderland story. A dream-like tale filled with optimism. Imagine a world with no corruption, greed and evil? This feels like a fairy tale romance that leaves you in a good mood. This story is an uplift and I enjoyed the escape that was both intriguing and entertaining. This story makes you question your own self-fulfillment and happiness. Something we don't often take the time to think about. Are we passionate about our lives? The thing is, we all have the ability to change our destiny. We just have to want to enough. I love Mel Toye's optimism which comes across in everything she does and in all of her stories. Quote ~ In this lifetime, I have never had another person's fate in my hands, let alone an entire world. I crawl back to bed letting the warmth comfort me. How am I going to do this? The consequences of not winning terrify me."
  • Kiwi in Cat City on Jan. 01, 2015

    Kiwi in Cat City (Kiwi series Book 1) by Vickie Johnstone is a very sweet story. amusing for kids of all ages. Myself included. I loved everything about it. The storyline was full of surprises and intrigue. It was a fun adventure that had me laughing out loud. Very sweet. Loved the few illustrations and of course the lead character, Kiwi. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this story or a cat. This is just pure entertainment and enjoyment. Cat City is a nice place to visit and the mystery kept me on my toes. It’s a great big adventure. This is a quirky story that will have cat lovers go wild. What’s not to like? I highly recommend Kiwi!!! Get ready to fall in love.
  • Astro is Down in the Dumps on Feb. 18, 2015

    Astro Is Down In The Dumps by Susan Day is an adorable children's book filled with positive messages and lessons. Precious dialog, awesome rhymes, beautiful illustrations and clever ways to teach children how to deal with sadness and bad feelings. The author makes dealing with depression a doable thing and does so with inspiring alternatives. This book cheered me up in seconds flat. Even though I am not a child I saw the wisdom in her inspiring suggestions. I loved the questions and answers at the end. So educational and at the same time fun. I could see this book used in classrooms and libraries. Beautifully done. Loved it! Quote ~ “Now, you don’t know that at all, Until you’ve given someone a call. Talk to a grown up or a friend, And this will help your sadness end.” “Sometimes talking to someone, Can make your day a lot less glum. It’s like receiving a gift, When sadness is given a lift.”
  • Sliding Past Vertical on March 05, 2015

    Sliding Past Vertical is a very easy book to get absorbed into. The characters are realistic and the storyline is compelling and unpredictable. Sometimes people make bad choices and this is a perfect example of that. I had a hard time putting this story down because I really wanted to know what was going to happen next. Even though it is not exactly a happy-go-lucky story this was an enjoyable read. The writing was clear and simple, in a good way.
  • Jason's Duty on March 18, 2015

    Jason's Duty by Alisha Guenzel is a smooth read and a great start to the first book in The McGregor Saga. A down-home story that read clear and inviting. This is an touching tale that both touched me and captured my interest. The characters are interesting and quirky in their own ways. Easy to get involved in the drama and emotional turns that were entertaining and unpredictable. The love of horses and family is quite evident as the author writes with great passion. Quote ~ "The day had been great, but as soon as Andrew called her guard was up again. Jason wanted the Haley that laughed and smiled. Not the one that was prickly and icy. Even when he stole a look at her he noticed her chin a bit higher and more rigid. Like she was trying to hide behind the glare of those blue laser-like eyes."
  • The Haunted Circus - Astro's Adventures on May 02, 2015

    Astro’s Adventures: The Haunted Circus by Susan Day is an adorable children’s story with great lessons to teach but done so in a fun and entertaining way. The author knows how to relate to kids and her tales are unique and inspiring. This is an enlightening story that should be empowering for young people. I loved it myself and there are moments I couldn’t stop laughing out loud. This book teaches us the value of doing for others, whether it's for people or animals. The goodness of giving is the main theme and it comes across loud and clear. I love that the author has so generously offered to donate a percentage of the sales of this book to her local animal shelter. That is such a beautiful thing to do as there are so many animals that can use the help and the love. The Haunted Circus is a fun filled adventure that is both imaginative and impactful. I hope teachers will use this book in their classrooms as a good teaching tool. If not, they really should. I highly recommend. Quote ~ "The two cats made their way through the curtain disappearing into the darkness. Speed Bump Charlie lowered himself down and crawled under the stands. Furball copied him. They crawled along while the audience above them cheered and clapped. One child was so excited he jumped into the air sending soda everywhere. Most of it landed on the Old cat's head."
  • The Warrior: Abe's Story, Part 1 on Aug. 16, 2015

    "Mercy has no place in battle." A Spellbringers Prequel, The Warrior Abe's Story: Part 1 by Tricia Drammeh was a pleasant surprise for me to see on this Sunday. A new release I didn't see coming. So glad there is now a Prequel. Abe's story is an interesting one and I loved getting more background. Spellbringers is an alluring series, one that captivated my interest with the first book, This book just feels like an added bonus or more like a gift to us readers from the author. I love the realistic, conversational style. Everything feels genuine even though this is pure fantasy. They do say that fantasy is better than reality. Do they not? I would have to agree, as Abe's story is riveting and intoxicating. I adored the surprises, the never-ending twists that had me reading with great anticipation. Coming-of-age at its finest! A great adventure that takes us places and full of heart and humanity. Well worth the Spellbringers, I mean well worth the spellbinding read!
  • The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion on Aug. 26, 2015

    The Magical Leaping Lizard Potion I am really enjoying Marsha Casper Cook’s children's books. They are charming, intriguing and mysterious. There is also a feeling of like you fit in with the characters. The author has a way of allowing it’s reader to feel a part of the story. It is touching with good messages as well. This is a great story for young girls. I would have eaten it up when I was growing up. I loved stories of strong empowering females. I still do. This is such an adventurous story that had me laughing to myself. So much fun and throughly entertaining!
  • Spring into Summer on Sep. 01, 2015

    Spring Into Summer is a spicy collection of smart, sexy, revealing stories filled with human interaction where sex is not the only highlight. There is more to these tales while still being stunningly sexy. Season for Everything is a realistic story about Claire, a young woman that needs to get out more. She has doubts and insecurities but an instant attraction to Stephen who was practically a stranger but stirred feelings in her that she didn't expect. This is a spicy read but takes a little  time to work up to it but when the time comes... Pow! Crisp, well-written and plays out visually on the pages. A touching, erotic, romantic story with depth. Captivating. Quote ~ "And so I began the love affair I knew could not possibly have a happy ending. I dove into it with my eyes open, my mind alert, yet I was blind and unaware. The only thing I prepared myself for was a broken heart-of this, I had no doubt." Unlocking the Mystery by Eden Baylee is another scrumptious, decadent tale by this well-accomplished writer. So nicely done, as a reader I can glide from page to page without much effort at all. There is something sharp about the authors prose. Raw, passionate, delicate and definitely erotic. There is strength in her choice of words. Exquisite and yet surprising at the same time. Great attention to even the smallest of details. This is a beautiful story, romantic, tantalizing, unexpected and sentimental. A provocative escape into the unknown. An easy book to cozy into. Something I would expect from this author. Quote ~ Before going to bed each night, Evelyn pulled out a year or two's worth of letters and reread them, trying to figure out why she held the key. Though she was not a believer in fate, she sensed Carolyn entrusted her with this intimate part of her life for a reason. Was she trying to tell her something? Did she have unfinished business? Or was Rachel right, was all of this simply a coincidence? The Lottery by Eden Baylee, a novella tastefully done and passion driven. This smooth story grabbed my attention and had me reading with great enthusiasm and curiosity. This tale of sacrifice moved me and took me in. Though I have never been to Thailand, this book transported me there, instantly. It took me outside myself and to a place I only dream about discovering on my own. The Lottery touched me, satisfied me and filled me with warmth and sexual tension to boot. More than anything, the friendships the author writes about are more beautiful than any painting I have ever seen. I could have kept reading as I was so immersed in this tantalizing story. Quote ~ The sisters walked arm in arm like I used to do with my best friend when we were kids. I was a bit uncomfortable when Jade took my arm but soon realized many of the girls I saw did the same. An interesting cultural difference, I thought. It did get the attention of foreign men though, some who ogled us shamelessly. Their lecherous looks bothered me, but the girls didn't seem to notice. "Who would it be tonight? Brawny Gerard Butler? Swaggering Johnny Depp? Or some complete stranger?" Summer Solstice is another surprising tale by the author who knows how to get right to the point. This story centers around thirty-something Ava who was withdrawn due to a tragedy over the summer. For her to get back to her old self she would need to make an asserted effort. After all, she wasn't getting any younger! Be prepared for aggressive sexual storytelling. The authors direct style is gripping, strong and forceful. Hard to walk away from these well developed, enticing erotic stories. I was captivated from the beginning. All the way through to the last sentence. There is magic in the words and this author doesn't waste any of them. She uses them carefully and delicately and then... Aggressively or as in this case, the other way around. Nothing left out for the imagination so it's a good thing I like it that way. Summer Solstice takes you for a ride like no other. A Big Bang! Quote ~ "The candlelight mixed with the hot steam created a thick fog. It floated toward the open bathroom door like a long drag released from a cigarette.”
  • Fall into Winter on Sep. 02, 2015

    Fall into Winter is a collection of four very intriguing stories that are satisfying and each has a way of heating up any cool night. These erotic pieces are undeniably addicting and captivating. If you are looking to add some spice to your life I would like to introduce you to Author Eden Baylee. I discovered her by accident but have continued following her ever since. My little secret. Seduced by the Blues is a spunky story about a radio promoter, Ella who meets a young man named John who grabs her attention. He was a bit cocky but the attraction was mutual and the flirting begins. This is a very sensual, sexual story but at the same time there is a darkness. Sadness lurks as the undertone. Quote ~ "His fingertips were calloused, likely from playing the guitar, and his hands were chafed but not rough. When he founded her, she felt the power behind the music he created and loved being hid instrument.” Act Three is another smashing success. This novella reads like a breeze and keeps its reader enthralled all the way through. There is just something quite precious about this author's ability to take you far away. Most likely to a place you have never been. Allows you be present in places that would be off limits and private. She has a special talent of writing a fictional story that feels 100 percent authentic, emotional and as raw as a slice of life can get. Act Three is erotic and filled with tension. The way it's done gives the story depth and is much more than just sex. It's captivating, powerful and gripping. I found myself tearing though the pages in record speed. Quote ~ "Despite his eccentricities, he made her happy, and he was exactly what she wanted right now. Stella adored Norman, and she didn't think having a ménage a trois should conflict with that. She required him to be part of it and decided to bring up the subject again during dinner the next evening. She could usually talk him into anything using the right kind of persuasion." Leah, a writer arrived at Cedar Valley, three hours north of Toronto during the week of Christmas to spend some time in luxury. When she meets Henrik, an expert marksman, the cabin begins to heat up. This is a lustful story that leaves you guessing. An intriguing suspenseful romance that keep the fires burning. Quote ~ "It was the first chance she had to see him in the daylight, and she noticed that his eyes were not the dark chocolate color she had initially thought. They were actually hazel with green flecks. She felt hypnotized by them for a moment and remembered her mother's words: There are differences-you just need to see them." The Austrian and the Asian is a beautiful steamy escape to the unknown. Different cultures, scenery and backdrop makes for an exquisite adventure. The author writes as if she is creating art. There is something simply poetic about her choice of words and how she puts them together like pieces of a puzzle. They fit perfectly together which makes reading her work a dream. There is an ease to her writing but also this art form that makes each sentence feel like a precious gem. I find her language inviting and luxurious. Sheer perfection. The Austrian and the Asian is a lustful tale that I savored like a fine wine. Decadent! Quote ~ "Elena had butterflies in her stomach. When his lips met hers again, he was unhurried and thorough. A storm brewed between them, and it was both painful and pleasurable for her to rediscover him. The yearning she felt for him was exquisite." In The Norwegian Leah, a writer arrived at Cedar Valley, three hours north of Toronto during the week of Christmas to spend some time in luxury. When she meets Henrik, an expert marksman, the cabin begins to heat up. This is a lustful story that leaves you guessing. An intriguing suspenseful romance that keep the fires burning. Quote ~ "It was the first chance she had to see him in the daylight, and she noticed that his eyes were not the dark chocolate color she had initially thought. They were actually hazel with green flecks. She felt hypnotized by them for a moment and remembered her mother's words: There are differences-you just need to see them." And lastly, The Austrian and the Asian is a beautiful steamy escape to the unknown. Different cultures, scenery and backdrop makes for an exquisite adventure. The author writes as if she is creating art. There is something simply poetic about her choice of words and how she puts them together like pieces of a puzzle. They fit perfectly together which makes reading her work a dream. There is an ease to her writing but also this art form that makes each sentence feel like a precious gem. I find her language inviting and luxurious. Sheer perfection. The Austrian and the Asian is a lustful tale that I savored like a fine wine. Decadent! Quote ~ "Elena had butterflies in her stomach. When his lips met hers again, he was unhurried and thorough. A storm brewed between them, and it was both painful and pleasurable for her to rediscover him. The yearning she felt for him was exquisite."
  • Seeking Sexy Sadie on Sep. 08, 2015

    Seeking Sexy Sadie, another explosive short story by Eden Baylee is a ton of fun. The author has a way of getting you right there in the driver's seat. Heart-thumping and tantalizing, this tale is sure to please. I love that there is no beating to the bush or passiveness here. You can tell this has been written for pure enjoyment. Well-thought out and articulated. Each little gem hits a powerful punch. This story, especially. This is how it must feel to be a fly on the wall. And I like it! Quote ~ "Purposely seated at the far end of the bar, I glimpsed every man as they came into the club-a club I'd never even heard of until a few weeks ago. It seemed like the safest way to explore something I'd always wanted. Everything has been planned to perfection, or so I thought."
  • Hot Flash on Sep. 12, 2015

    Hot Flash, Erotic stories and poems by Eden Baylee is a delightful tease. The author has the talent to get you just enough but leaving you wanting more. Oh, so much more. These shorts are well developed and tantalizing. Takes you places you might not have planned going. But I went willingly, with an open mind and came out with more than I anticipated. Delightfully entertaining, I ate these stories up in no time. Rushing to find out where we were being escorted to. The destination was well worth the journey. Quote from The Confession “She always said she loved me more than life, and I’d assumed it was just her poetic way of speaking. But she was never one for drama. She just felt the spectrum of emotions so deeply. When she laughed, her body shook, and when she cried, she broke my heart, and when she felt pain…God, I should have known. How I’ve suffered for my decision to leave her! A part of me wanted to die with her, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.”
  • Scribbler Tales Presents Escape from Berlin on Feb. 26, 2016

    Another great collection of stories by Mary Ann Bernel that are full of mystery, suspense and explosive drama. Scribbler Tales is a series that stays with you long after you have picked up the books. One treasure after another! In The Ritual there is an intensity to that had me both curious and a bit terrified at the same time. Still, my curiosity had the best of me and I read with great emergency. A captivating story that is both smart and alluring. Wasn’t sure what to expect but it has a great reward. A little fear never hurt anyone! Love the mystique. Quote ~ The group encircled a stone coffin that had been placed in the center of the small building that was being used for an altar that was covered with flaming candles. Incense burned in a bronze offering bowl, the billowing smoke filtering through the air. The assistants kept their heads covered, their black garments blending well in the darkened room, their piercing eyes glaring menacingly at Ashley, or so she thought. Betrayal is another dramatic story that is full of mystery and intrigue. Fun to escape into someone else’s drama for a change. A betrayal is something most of us can relate to. This rings true and I could feel the pain along with the deception. Quote ~ Amidst the pain came denial, how could he? He had loved her, truly loved her, and he would never betray her, unless he had no choice. That was it, it had to be. He was cornered, his enemies threatening torture and death. He had been given a choice, and he chose to live. Why should they both perish? She understood, or did she? Murder in the First, there is corruption and murder, no mystery but there is a lingering question that floats in the air. How can Bethal be so cold? But then, she might not be the worst. There is darkness and then there is murder. Will there be forgiveness? Questions remain. Quote ~ Bethel stepped away quickly as Michael flapped his arms to steady himself while the earth crumbled beneath him. She looked away, closing her eyes and covering her ears as he fell off the cliff and into the sea, the roaring surf obscuring his screams. A salty mist caressed Bethel’s face as she peered at the rocks below through the lifting fog. Minutes seemed like hours as she searched for Michael’s body, which was nowhere to be seen. Escape from Berlin is a story where Mark’s cover has been broken and he must meet his fate. He has been betrayed but by whom? A chilling story that makes you look over your shoulder. There are spies but they don’t they don’t belong in this town. Quote ~ Mark wondered whether or not he was being paranoid about these latest developments. Perhaps there was another reason for closing the border, and if that was the case, then there was still a chance that he could get out of the country alive, but he could not leave without knowing what happened to Tatiana. There were many things that could have delayed her, why did he think the worst? He was a spy, that’s why. There was never an innocent explanation when one played this game, and he knew the rules well. There was no such thing as a coincidence, not in his field. Deadly Secrets is another rapturing story that had my heart thumping at a feverish pace. As a reader, this tale blurred me right in. There is no lack of lust and deceit. Not everything is as it seems, but is it ever really? Quote ~ He would do whatever was necessary to keep her from destroying his world; her threats had sealed her fate. His face was contorted by a malevolent grin as his plan took shape. He would play her game for now; in fact, he would enjoy it.
  • Scribbler Tales Volume Two on March 08, 2016

    Mary Ann Bernal’s second volume of Scribbler Tales is filled with stories of human nature at its finest and certainly at its worse. These pieces are sure to intrigue and inspire. The writing is flawless and the characters were all unique and yet life-like. The author has a way with words and setting a scene that makes you feel that you are among the characters. Her stories bring you to another place and are always a good escape into the unknown. Broken Promises is a story about Madeline who has romantic feelings for her boss Nathan. This is a great story of deceit. The turns had me emotionally involved. I was swept away into the drama. In Deception what happens when a movie star is murdered will surprise you. Waiting for this killer to make a mistake. It’s just a matter of time. This is a mystery that I was hoping would be solved. Endgame is a wildly entertaining story where nothing is as it seems. Grabbed my attention and held on until the end. This is a pretty incredible story. In Malice Andrew seems to have a lot to offer. No problem getting the attention from the opposite sex. He loved the chase but grew tired of his conquest. Somehow to his misfortune. The last story, The Portrait is a powerful read. Evil lurks! What will a woman do to preserve her dynasty? Great fun. Quote from Endgame ~ "Sandy was running on pure adrenalin, her breathing was shallow and rapid as she edged closer to the road. She was almost there, she could see the pavement and lights - car lights. The car screeched to a halt as Sandy ran into the road, but the driver was not quick enough on the brakes, and she fell unconscious to the ground."
  • Scribbler Tales Volume One on March 16, 2016

    Scribbler Tales: A Collection of Short Stories by Mary Ann Bernal, all dark, are written in such a way that you have to read more. The author crafts stories that pull her readers in. Wanting more but getting just enough. There is great skill that goes into her stories but she seems to write with ease. The words flow effortlessly. This is a smart collection that kept me guessing. Slices of life that no matter how far fetched feel authentic. Desperate Measures is sharp. Hauntingly realistic. This is an interesting story about cloning. Quite chilling and entertainingly good. Forbidden Lore is the story of Ethan and Arianna a married couple who met on 9 11. This is an intriguing story that kept me guessing and glued to the page. Nothing is as it seems and I was brought into the mystery that was Forbidden Lore. Forever Lost is such a beautifully written, emotional tale that played out like scenes in a movie. There is love and there is deceit. This is a love story. Sail with Me caught my attention. I love the conversational style of this story. Right in your face. A story of a military brat. This is Aaron’s story. A coming-of-age story of sorts. I was very touched. In The Hourglass Flair knew her fate. She watched the hourglass knowing Death was at her feet. Flair held the secret from her husband Brice. This is a beautiful creative story that moved me. Quote~ “Death’s laughter echoed sinisterly throughout the eerily still cave that rocked beneath the thunderous roar of nature’s wrath as the tempest raged outside. Flair glared at her nemesis as she removed the dagger on Brice’s belt and flashed it before her amused opponent.”
  • Scribbler Tales Volume Five on March 16, 2016

    Mary Ann Bernal’s Scribbler Tales Volume Five is filled with smart, suspenseful, riveting, and edge of your seat stories. Each one is a gem upon itself. I enjoyed their twists that I didn’t see coming. Very unique pieces that took me outside myself and welcomed into extraordinary adventures. Bloodlust starts this thrill ride off in a bang. There is an intensity to the story that made me want to read at a faster pace. Grabbing and imaginative. In Illusion, we travel to another country, the Ancient City of Thebes where romance is a must! Though Felicity could not believe her good luck, she would have to re-think that. Could this man be too good to be true? Then in Manhunt, another dark story which is swift and moves like lightning. As sinister as they get. Pandemic is a surprising story that captivated my senses. Loved the mystery and the dark side of life which reminds you that anything is possible. Revenge rounds this novel up nicely. A wicked tale of deceit and nothing is as it seems. A smart thriller that pulls you right in. All these tales reads like a clever mystery suspense movie in living color. A page turner that was comfy to cosy up to on a chilly winters night. Love this stunning series. Quote from Revenge~ “Even though Angela never challenged her husband about his illicit dealings, Jack was aware his wife had overheard a conversation involving a shipment of heroin. Assuming his wife accepted the situation, it was business as usual until Angelia had tried to divorce him. At that point, Jack’s demeanor changed when they were alone and soon, Angela started to fear for her life.”
  • The Briton and the Dane (Second Edition) on March 16, 2016

    The Briton and The Dane is the first book in a trilogy that takes place in the ninth century. This book caught my attention right away. It was easy to get swept away into the drama and intrigue. I was amassed over all the deception that took place during those time periods. This book also has a very seductive side which made the story even more captivating and entertaining for me. I love how Mary ann Bernal writes. She is wildly talented and has a real gift for telling a colorful story. The characters are very lifelike and the dialog is impeccable. I loved how the scenes keep shifting around throughout each chapter. I had to pay attention but it was so spellbinding and alluring at the same time. It is all very comprehensible and clever. I loved all the history along with the romantic side to this novel.
  • The Briton and the Dane: Timeline on March 16, 2016

    "You will go insane if you do not stop worrying about what will happen tomorrow. You must live this day given you; tomorrow will take care of itself." This latest book in Mary Ann Bernal’s series is masterfully written, as I could visualize all the action going on around me and packed with ongoing suspense and captivating scenes that make it hard to put this book down. I was caught up in the emotional tale that was filled with romance, deception and intriguing encounters. This series is so delightfully entertaining that is makes you feel like you are a fly on the wall watching things that are not made for your eyes. Very clever the way the author tells such a unique tale that makes you want to know even more. Timeline is from another time (past and present) which was not quite like anything I have ever read. I enjoyed every second I spent reading this fascinating book.
  • The Briton and the Dane: Concordia on March 16, 2016

    I adored Mary Ann Bernal’s Concordia which was skillfully written and filled with ongoing suspense. There is plenty of real life emotion, action packed with lust, lies and deceit which is explored in such a memorable way. I was entertained from beginning to end. This flawless tale was so clear and precise that the words flew off the page in a very visual way. I drawn in right away and as a reader I could see Concordia standing in front of me so naturally beginning with her entrance. She is a captivating character, manipulating but also likable. This tale instantly brings the reader back to another time and place. To be honest, this is not my favorite genre but it was more entertaining and compelling than most stories that I read. I so badly yearned to know where it would all lead. Would everyone survive? But most of all who would hold Concordia's heart and keep it? Would the man/men that captured her heart stand in her way? This is the first book that I have read in the series and this book certainly stands on it’s own. Though I will have to go back to the beginning...The Briton and the Dane series has caught my interest!
  • The Briton and the Dane: Birthright (Second Edition) on March 29, 2016

    The Briton and the Dane: Birthright is a beautiful story. Mary Ann Bernal writes with such passion and authority. She brings you back to a time none of us have lived through. This time piece brings the reader back in time but human emotion is the same as it is today. Love and passion will always bring heartache, misery and bliss. This suspenseful adventurous story captivated my senses and glued me to the pages. I loved the massive escape that was not my life. Such a thrill to go through all the trials and tribulations from this time period. Thought provoking and moving. This intense series caught my attention from the first book, The Briton and the Dane. The descriptions were so vivid I felt I was part of the surroundings. The scenes are set like a movie. The images are so clear making a perfect visual. These books would make great films. Would love to see the action, drama and adventure played out on the big screen. Very exciting! You can tell the author has spent a great deal of time researching everything that has to do with the time period. Very impressive. There are so many layers that kept falling away that made me more and more intrigued as the story unfolded. I was entertained all the way through and read until I could not read any longer. Highly recommend this series and everything else by Mary Ann Bernal. Her stories do not disappoint!
  • Scribbler Tales Volume Four on March 29, 2016

    Scribbler Tales (Volume 4) by Mary Ann Bernal is rich with stories of greed, deceit and murder. I was instantly heaved into the suspenseful worlds the author has created. Leaving me speechless at times and always wowed. The roller coaster ride is a rocky one which left me wanting more. I so enjoyed the smart twists and the unexpected turns. This book opens up with Abducted, a brilliantly told tale of messed up priorities and corruption. Insightful and intoxicating. While Cunning kept me on the edge, my curiosity was sparked with the paranormal aspects that took me by surprise. In Enamored, biological age was of little importance as long as the mind remained young. This intriguing escape captivated my senses and drew me in. I loved this tale with its romantic undertone and mystery. Then there is Reckless that is totally rapturing. There is a killer on the loose and the police are preparing for a standoff. Only if they can find their suspect! There is more to this story than meets the eye. Lastly, Safeguard is an unexpected story. Sarah was lucky to be alive, yet nothing is as it seems. I devoured this book in no time. Quick enough to move onto another Mary Ann Bernal novel. Would highly recommend! Quote from Enamored ~ “Lady Margaret admired herself in the mirror, pleased with her appearance as her well-kept body hid her age well. And why not? She had the money and the wherewithal to remain ageless in a youth-oriented society. Jane Fonda and Cher were still in their prime, and one must not forget Helen Mirren being voted the sexiest woman alive a few years back. Biological age was of no importance, if one remained young in thought, word and deed.”
  • The Briton and the Dane: Legacy (Second Edition) on April 06, 2016

    Birthright left me wanting more while Legacy satisfied my curiosity by answering those burning questions that still lingered. The spicy encounters and intriguing events left me shocked and oh so entertained. The Briton and the Dane: Legacy by Mary Ann Bernal brought me right back into the saga and didn't miss a beat. Instantly I was back in time, reunited with these life-like characters that I have come to know. The drama is never ending as the story takes the reader through unexpected twists and turns, leaving me pondering what next? I was glued to Legacy wanting to know where this would all lead. I was enthralled and emotionally involved throughout this skillfully written, action packed, suspense story. Complexities of the heart will always be people's undoing. So many lies buried and deception spread wide. The curious misgivings makes for a powerfully explosive read!
  • Scribbler Tales Volume Three on April 06, 2016

    Scribbler Tales: A Collection of Short Stories (Volume 3) by Mary Ann Bernal is another great read. So enjoyed the compelling stories that are unique, well-written and filled with mystery. If you haven’t read Scribbler Tales you should pick up any one of the volumes. They are all worth it for entertainment value. The twists kept me guessing all the way through. I love that! In Hidden Lies the intrigue starts out right away. The story plays out effortlessly. Deception is a story had my heart racing and kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through. Nightmare is a spooky story that was just as much gripping as it was emotional. I love how these stories come together. So smooth and unexpected. Always a big “wow” moment! That is what makes them so good. Payback is action packed and takes you right in. There are questions that need answers. Could it be murder? In the Night Stalker, suspense continues. Lured into another dramatic episode. Had me gasping out loud. Lastly, Turning Point is a compelling story that pulls its reader in. Revenge is the word. Are there any good people left in the world? This story might make you wonder. Quote for The Night Stalker ~ Pamela was quite unnerved by the time she arrived home. She parked in the driveway, looking at the second floor while walking to the front door. That was when she noticed the curtains flapping outside the window of her bedroom! Fumbling with the keys, Pamela finally opened the door, ran up the stairs and burst into her room. Someone had been in the house, her house! And they wanted her to know it. Everything was as it should be, the furniture, the closets, the only difference being the open window, which was always locked.
  • BAD BOOK by K.S. Brooks, Stephen Hise & JD Mader on July 19, 2016

    Bad Book, a satire by K. S. Brooks, Stephen Hise and JD Mader is more like an odd episode of Star Trek, Ghostbusters or maybe even Dances with Wolves but there are vampires involved. Paranormal meets the semi-normal. Part Columbo, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park. Not really, but you get the idea. Clever, zany lines that made me wonder, what next? This off-beat comedy captured my attention as quirky is my middle name. Case's adventure was filled with unexpected twists and turns. Amusing, bordering on ridiculous. Definitely a good time. Enjoyed the unpredictable escape that was Bad Book. "I withdrew the dagger from its sheath and it took on a pinkish hue and sparkled faintly, as if covered with diamond dust. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed in that. It was more cute than awe-inspiring. If Barbie had a magic dagger, it would look like this one..."
  • Odd and Odder: A Collection of Sensuality, Satire, and Suspense on July 19, 2016

    Odd and Odder: A collection of Sensuality, Satire and Suspense by K. S. Brooks and Newton Love is a compelling read that I didn't want to put down once I started. A griping mixture of tales from poetry to suspense that will grab your attention. Smart, clever and offbeat. Some bits read like music lyrics. Dark. Oddities are what make this world interesting. Right? I love the quirky twists and the unusual turns I didn't see coming. A smooth read that kept me curious. Quote from Dark Alley What a day. I was fried to a pulp. Oh, that's beaten to a pulp. I guess that's wrong. My brain was on strike and there would be no crossing the picket line. The amount of corruption I encountered today was mind boggling. Everywhere I turned, I couldn't swing a dead cat around without hitting someone with their fingers in the pie. I couldn't trust anyone in the conundrum. Only KitKat-Kate, but she wasn't part of that picture...or,uh, the pie. Whatever.
  • Indies Unlimited: Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World Volume II on July 19, 2016
    (no rating)
    Indies Unlimited: Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World Volume II is a great resource, one that I have used but still plan to keep close at hand because the helpful hints are non-stop. There is so much information that we need to be aware of in the publishing world and in practically any buisness these days. This book brought me closer to understanding a good portion of the things I was pretty clueless to. Such as SEO, Google and Social Media. This book helps you to organize your media planning and do it in a more efficient way. I would highly recommend this great book.
  • Indies Unlimited: Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in a Digital World Volume II on July 19, 2016

    I wish I had bought this book before I made so many mistakes. It had so much helpful information, things I haven't found in books on this subject. This is an impressive how to book that I will go back to when needed. Indies Unlimited do so much for the Indie author and then some.
  • Indies Unlimited: 2013 Flash Fiction Anthology on July 19, 2016

    The authors do a nice job with this flash fiction entry. I enjoyed everyone's different ways of looking at the same thing. The writing styles are unique which makes this a really fun read. Inspired me to enter the contests to try my hand at writing flash fiction. Not something I have ever done before. Inspired!
  • Planetary Wars Rise of an Empire on Feb. 15, 2018

    Mary Ann Bernal writes a life-like drama that chilled me to the bone and made me think of these characters as true with strong personalities and intriguing backgrounds. I loved the non-stop action that kept me guessing all the way through. It was hard not to get emotionally caught up in the storyline. I give the author credit for her creative writing style and unique story telling. You don’t need to be a fantasy reader to enjoy this book. This is science fiction with a twist. There was so much more to this story. Planetary Wars Rise of an Empire is an intriguing mystery that caught my attention right from the beginning.