B.M. Whitton


I love art, history and literature; always have. I've been painting since 1993 and amazingly writing since I was a child. Unfortunately I also hold a 9-5 job as a Software Engineer and I've worked in the I.T. industry for over 18 years already.

I believe both my art and my writing have been greatly influenced by so many different countries and styles that I find it very hard to define where I sit; probably nowhere! :)

My stories always had the sad, melancholic passion of Argentina, mixed with the twisted sense of humour of my British ancestors, add a bit of French and Spanish to the mix, and then some Lebanese blood for a good measure of the exotic, and voila, there I am, writing! Living in a Foreign Land of my choice, releasing my voice to the wind (well, now that I'm not in Wellington anymore that's debatable) hoping somebody will catch it and get a day just a little bit different from having heard that voice.

If you've enjoyed Bureaucrazy, stay tunned for the next one: Addixtion. If you'd like to leave some feedback / comments you are welcome to do so.

(if you'd like to see some of my artwork visit www.brendawhitton.com)

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