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Grave Distractions Publications is a independent publisher built on the concept that authors should be involved in every aspect of their book's production. To date, Grave Distractions Publications has been involved in over 80 book projects. The authors we represent include a diverse group of individuals whom we assist in bringing their unique perspective to print. These authors have been featured and / or interviewed the following nationally and internationally recognized media outlets: the Christian Science Monitor, CNN News, Coast to Coast AM, Harper’s Bazaar, Howard Stern’s radio network, Gaiam TV, History Channel, Huffington Post, Jerusalem Post, NBC ‘s Nightline, Oprah Winfrey Show, Out Magazine, OM Times, Scotsman (Edinburgh), the United Kingdom’s SKY TV, The View.

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Skullduggery Short Trailer
Skullduggery examines 45 real life cases of those who would disturb the dead. Chronicled within its pages are the postmortem tales of Elvis Presley, Abraham Lincoln, Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin,Thomas Paine and 40 other tortured souls.

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