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This website is created for Bridge of Time by Missy. The author Melissa S.P. retains sole copyrights of all her writing materials.

Bridge of Time by Missy (9th Edition) is a collection of excerpts from the author’s original novel titled Bridge of Time – The heart remembers 1996 publication and was popularized in London, England.

Melissa S. P. is a freelance author she holds a degree in Medical and Psychology. She devotes her time working as an allied professional in medical-psychiatry unit. Melissa S. P. is simply known as “Missy” to all her readers. She is also the author of “Wyvern Lass”, “A soldier’s shadow”, “Heart’s Sacrifice”, “A Woman’s Heart” and “In my Life”.

Bridge of Time by Missy (Free Ebook format) on is a courtesy of the author herself who has given the admin a permission to publish raw copies of her manuscript “I’d like to be able to afford the readers the opportunity to read the sample of the book before deciding to purchase it online and also be able to afford the chance for some of my readers in a remote locations to have access to my writings not everyone can easily obtain their personal hard copies and I want to be able to provide them the luxury of still being able to read my work, after all Bridge of Time by Missy is created mainly for the purpose of my readers’ entertainment pleasure. My main concern though is the revision of the book itself and of course its printing quality from the third party as I still haven't seen the hard copy of my work. I just hope it turned out as I expected it to be” Melissa S. P. commented via live chat during the book release.

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