Brinie Davis


My name is Brinie Davis and I am a vampire.  Many of you reading this book will assume that I have claimed to be a vampire solely to sell more books, and some of you will be very skeptical.  That is because you have been brought up on fictional stories of Dracula and the like.  Dracula was fictional, but I am real.  My race is real, and I am as much a part of the human race as you are; maybe more so.  Vampires are no different from you than the North American Indians or the Australian Aborigines.  We all descended from the same stock, it’s just that the slight differences between races were more pronounced in our case.  In the past we have even had children in a similar way, and enjoyed similar sexual practices, so we may be closer related than you think.  There have been many mixed marriages, and many of you reading this will unknowingly have a great grand-father or great grand-mother from vampire stock.
For some of you this will come as a revelation.  Your authorities have tried to blind you to our presence by telling you that we are a fictional people, and if you have expressed any interest in knowing the truth they have tried to frighten you away by telling you of our evil bloodsucking nature.  It is true that we had a checkered and bloodthirsty history, but I would suggest that it has been no less bloodthirsty than your own.  There have been short periods in your own history when you have shed far more blood than we have shed in the whole of ours.
Still, this is not a time for looking back with recriminations; it is a time for truth, and my books are an attempt to set our historical record straight.
Over the years your race has done many wondrous things and your civilization has developed and grown in scientific knowledge and understanding.  You now understand genetics and have made your first steps towards the stars.  You are able to surgically renew your hearts and electronically send pictures instantly all over the world.  Our race has not been standing idly by either, and we long ago made the genetic changes necessary to feed ourselves in the same way that you do, without having to resort to sucking your blood, or sucking any other animals blood for that matter.  Other changes enabled us to go into water without fear of it harming us (the ability to wash means we no longer smell as strongly as we used to) and we have even changed the molecular structure of our skin so that the warmth of the sun’s rays are welcomed not shunned.
I have entered into this brief history to show you that our near similarity to you now means that we are almost exactly the same as you, and our races get on extremely well together.  Firstly, because when you meet us you don’t notice that we are different; and secondly, because we have learned to hide from you those small differences that still remain. 
To all intents and purposes most of us now live as humans, but that hasn’t always been the case and the recent insurrection between the various vampire factions almost destroyed all the previous good work. Having been one of the prime movers of the insurrection I have been in a unique position to write about it, and my trilogy of books cover the start and end of the insurrection, together with details of some of the major battles during the course of it.
Like most wars, sex, jealousy and power were at the heart of it, especially sex, and the outcome was by no means certain until the very end. I hope you enjoy my books, and that reading them enables you to view us vampires in a different light.

Book 1: Vampire Reproduction
Book 2: Vampire Destruction
Book 3: Vampire Restitution

It is because of my unique position, and involvement, that I have decided to write these books. I feel the most capable person who lived through those events, who is still able to see all the different points of view. That has the potential to place me in great danger.. Firstly, because there will be occasions when I specifically contradict the official version of events; secondly, because there will be occasions in the book when I express sympathy for the opposition; and finally because some of the things that happened to me are deeply personal, and sometimes embarrassing. In particular I have to go into some detail about how I and my sister became vampires, and that of necessity means I have to describe how we both ended up having sex with the same vampire. It was those sexual acts that turned us into vampires, and those same sexual acts that were the catalyst for the conflict that followed. I have found it embarrassing to write about those acts and in no way are they there to titillate you, but it is necessary to write about them so that you fully understand the way in which the insurrection began.

For all the above reasons I have decided to use a non-de-plume. My name is not really Brinie Davis, but I am a real vampire. I will be using the name Brinie Davis to protect my identity, and will change some of the other names as well. The story you are about to read is the truth as I understand it. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.


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