Gary L Beer


Gary L Beer born in Kent, England and of English and Welsh descent enjoyed travelling at an early age. The travels to the mountains of Wales with his parents as a child instilled in him a wanderlust that has remained to this day.
After raising a family a new life was forced upon him and taking up the challenge Gary went to university and achieved a BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Chemistry studying nano-particle science at the very cutting edge of technology. On completing university Gary toured North America on his own for seven months travelling from Virginia to California. Also visiting Canada and Mexico and completing nearly 18,000 miles Gary writes of his adventures in: Journey Thru America My Quest For Peace and Journey Thru America The Way Home which are now available for free on Smashwords in one publication titled: Journey Thru America - The Complete Journey. Able to turn his hand to most things in life he has worked as a Carpenter, Car Mechanic, Panel beater, Chemist and Teacher.

Along with his adventures in the USA Gary has written 2 crime fiction novels:
A Good Find & SUZY
and 3 science fiction novels:
Starship Stinedern, Grailem and Albraise A Traveller's Tale
All novels are available free on Smashwords for your enjoyment.
Gary continues to write and further titles will be available on Smashwords soon.


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