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Garden Park Productions is a Book Publishing firm that acts as a "clearing house" in identifying writing talents. We always choose QUALITY over quantity of pages in choosing the true value of a informational book. We don't believe in "unnecessary fluff" just to add pages to the pages of an informational book just to make it longer. We know time is valuable and people want the facts , not having to wait while some Author reflect on what, where and how they were feeling while "feeding" you "tidbits" of the information you really want or need to know immediately. Our "Authors of the Arts" are choosen for the substance of their writings and the strenghts of the depths of their thoughts. They're "REAL WRITER'S", not just people who write because they think they can. Garden Park Productions, a "clearing house" for real writing talent.


The Amadidious
The last relationship to relationship book between the genders that will ever be needed. The secrets that women have known for thousands of years, are now revealed. This book will equalize the playing field between men and women and change society as it is now known. Reading this book will stop men from acting like dogs, and women, from acting like meat.

It's My Job (from the book "Realizations, The Collected Writings Of Nostonun)
Poetry And Writings Of A Depressed Urban American Minority Poet. "Realizations" is just that; realizations of life in America and the world when all facades have been washed away and life is seen without the "rose colored" shades that's provided by the powers that be. Things are not like they appear and Nostonun helps the reader to view the ugliness of reality as it really is

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