Brother Soldier


(1)Brother Soldier On The Home Front (2) Brother Soldier Banned From NJ.Com (3) Brother Soldier Back On The Front Line
Thinking about coming to America or if you're already living in America , these books should be considered required reading. As one of Nj.Com's most popular " news blogger's", Brother Soldier's comments involving life in the State Of New Jersey as reported by New Jersey's largest newspaper, The Star Ledger, shows an insight into the actions of humanity, whether civil or political, that could best be described as "mother's wit". Brother Soldier's refusal to claim any political affiliations, in addition to his honest insight, has more than once raised the wrath of other blogger's, who would take the opportunity to attack him, whenever possible, on any discussion or subject matter; however due to his responses, they leave him alone after one episode of comment exchanges. These books reveal what happens when the honest comments of a "news blog" actually started affecting political actions and public opinions; which in turn results in the suppression of the American idea of "freedom of speech", by the very media who claims and demands "Freedom Of The Press". A revealing and remarkable study of American urban and suburban life.


"Brother Soldier Back On The Front Line"
Thinking about “Coming to America”, this is the book of social commentary that you will need if you really want to acquaint yourself with life in America. Already in America, this is the book of social commentary that allows you to “see” between the lines, “to read” what is not written, that bridges the gap between communities and helps to balance things out.
"Brother Soldier Banned From NJ.Com"
Read and understand what happens when a "news blog" becomes so popular that it's commentators' remarks actually start to shape public opinion and political policy in the State Of New Jersey and it's largest city, Newark. See what happens when The Governor, Mayor's and other political entities place their activities and remarks in the media and the public actually get a chance to communicate back.
Brother Soldier "On The Home Front"
Rare insightful glimpses into the New Jersey's Star Ledger's News Blog named NJ.COM. A forum on news articles concerning Politics and the lives of ordinary New Jersey citizens as seen through the blog comments of one of their own, Brother Soldier. Even through The State of New Jersey is featured, this could very easily be any state in the USA. Garden Park Productions