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Brown Wall Publishing is an independent, small publishing house with a simple goal: helping talented writers get their works to print. We understand the frustrations with large publishing houses, and want to provide an alternative. We hold a utopian view of reading--we love the thought of sitting in a brown-walled room next to a fireplace, reading our favorite books while sinking into a comfortable chair.

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  • Mercury Retrograde Friend or Foe on Oct. 27, 2010
    (no rating)
    This article has some interesting ideas but fails to actually explain what causes the illusion (it is an optical illusion caused by our planet completing the circle of its orbital track, making Mercury and other planets appear to occasionally move backwards in the sky). You can see this effect on spinning rides at the amusement park—if you are moving clockwise in a circle, at the top of the "circle" a person standing outside the ride will appear to move to the left (relative to you). At the bottom of the circle, he or she will appear to move right. Since the other planets actually do continue to follow a normal orbit, they would not affect "communications, networks, computer and technical malfunctions" any more during this illusion than at any other point in orbit. The author seems to be intelligent and this is a technical subject, however some credibility is lost with the amount of grammatical and spelling errors. I am going to refrain from a star rating at this point—this may be a completely different article with just a little polish.
  • Dear Critic... on Oct. 28, 2010

    Humerous, sarcastic, yet sincere. I feel guilty reviewing it. It made me smile. 5*
  • Like Clockwork and a Tangled Mind on Dec. 18, 2010

    From a literary standpoint, I really liked “Amy”, which caused me to want to read the other two books in the collection. (I had previously read “Amy” apart from this collection). “A Great Man”, the first story, seems to have been the last one chronologically written. It demonstrates progression in the writing ability of the author, which is an obviously desirable trait. This does not detract from the quality of the other tales, however. These stories are voyages into the macabre and the paranormal, worthy of a read by fans of those genres. I do not normally read this style of writing, but the author has shown a clear skill in this particular niche. Very well done. Note to the author: This collection has a good title; however, the stories inside each have different titles. I would like to see an additional story included with a title that matched the title of this collection. ;) I know that this is an artistic choice—the title just sounds like a really good story :)
  • When I Taste Raindrops on June 06, 2011

    This was a decent (although somewhat predictable) story. My only complaint is with the story description—there was no dancing in the story! I expected it to be a paranormal story because of the category and the keywords; however, I was expecting the story to take a different route because of the summary. In the end, everything turned out the way I thought it should but I had to look back to see if I missed something. I think it might have had more emotional impact if they had developed enough of a friendship that they could dance together in the rain.