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  • Survival Investing with Gold & Silver on Nov. 19, 2012

    GE Christenson has written a concise and informative guide to understanding the gold and silver metals landscape. His insight in this topic is of particular value to novice investors with concern for surviving the coming financial chaos. Those of us living on fixed incomes and limited retirement resources are at great risk during this time of unprecedented lack of wisdom, lack of fiscal planning ability, and lack of understanding of the consequences of ignoring lessons from history by our federal government. What the Deviant Investor has done is to view beyond the message of our governmental financial advisors to the patterns of their destructive actions. He has then analyzed the patterns of recent financial history, compiled his findings in a coherent manner, and shared them in a format that states clearly and succinctly what I have needed to learn to make appropriate decisions to protect our limited resources and even expand their value in the immediate future. Deviant behavior is not always a good thing, but given the irresponsible actions – past, present, and future – of our various levels of government to manage our financial resources wisely, deviating from their courses of action may well mean our ability to survive imminent financial (and related social) collapse.