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I have written this book to illustrate to my audience my life journey and the obstacle I went through to get to where I am today. I call this book “walking through the fire”: known as life challenges, and the fire I had to walk through is known as the rejection, the deceit, the jealous, the scams, the hurt by best friend, lost of all my asset, the many divorce I went through, the hate, anxiety, and pain just to mention a few of the obstacle I had to overcome in my life.

These challenges are what are known as the law of Karma. I am here to give some of the key principle I had to learn on my journey through life, where I illustrate in the book some of the techniques I had to use to change my life. This book takes you through my experience in life and how I use the law of attraction to become the greatest version of myself.
As you take the journey in life, you will have to go through certain step in order to become what you dream of, whether if you stand in the fire; known as life challenges or walking the path to success or giving up on life, it always up to the individual decision which brings in the law of attraction.

This manual will helps ordinary people overcoming certain obstacle and the decision all successful people had to made, by taking one step out of the box, known as “ the comfort zone” and propel in a new way of thinking. Barrington Patten has put together a manuscript to give ordinary people a chance to regain their life by taking the steps, to live the life they where meant to live.
People for so many years as thought of running when facing an uncomfortable situation, or change their direction in life, because so many roadblocks convince them not to continue the journey to live a rewarding life. Barrington Patten as uncover a universal secret that give many man and woman everywhere in the world a chance of become successful in Business, relationship or in their personal life by simple reprograming the mind to achieve their greatest desire.

Barrington Patten as discover some basic shortcut and step to assist you by helping you increase your awareness while raising your consciousness. By been more aware of the decision you make daily in life, this book can gives you a bird eye’s view of how to live your true purpose. With this book you can now leap above your peers.

Controlling your life is essential in achieving your higher purpose to have a rewarding life. Barrington Patten has developed this manual for people to regain control of their life; by understanding the fundamental concept of the laws of attraction, will set your life path in motion, to achieved your greatest desire to have love, unite and peace in your life.

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Walking Through The Fire
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 30,120. Language: English. Published: January 25, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Self-improvement » Personal Growth / General
"Walking through the fire" known as the challenges, the struggles, the deceit, the scam, the lost of all my asset and all the karma experience, I have encounter on my life journey and the method and concept i had to use known as "the law of attraction" to overcome my challenges to be the greatest version of myself.

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