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  • White Sands on June 21, 2011

    What an adventure! White Sands is a perfect example of an old fashioned adventure tale with enough of a twist to keep fans of more modern fiction entertained. The characters are well defined and the setting and background to the story are fascinating even to someone such as myself who may not normally read a book with a 'Western' setting. The book is written in the first person which I felt helped me relate to the main protagonist. The clever way that the story unfolds in parallel with descriptions of his forgotten past help make the book a real page turner. The action sequences are also utterly convincing; I doubt very much that Mr Corbett has ever fired an American Civil War vintage Whitworth rifle but having read White Sands I can imagine the weight of the rifle in my arms and the kick of the recoil in my shoulder! I look forward to reading more from Philip Corbett.