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Bruce Gehweiler

Bruce Gehweiler teaches seminars and offers consulting services to writers, new publishers, and self-publishers. He is the co-author of Breaking into Fiction Writing! and the forthcoming Publishing, The New Multi-Media Way with C.J. Henderson. Bruce is the expert behind which is a Marietta Publishing Living Book and the online personality of The Bruce Gehweiler Show which is an MP3 podcast show.

Currently Bruce’s fiction appears in Where Angels Fear (2010 Dark Quest) and Barbarians at the Jumpgate (2010 Padwolf). He has also appeared in anthologies such a The Dead Walk Again, Crypto-Critters Volumes I & II (Padwolf) and Warfear, A Collection of Strange War Tales, Hear Them Roar, Frontiers of Terror, New Mythos Legends, and Lai Wan, Tales of the Dreamwalker. Magazines such as “Inhuman”, “Tales of the Talisman” and “Space & Time” have also published his short fiction and non-fiction. He won the 1992 Dragon*Con Amateur Writing Contest and received and Honorable Mention in The Writer’s of the Future Contest that same year.

Bruce founded Marietta Publishing in 1996 and has published over 47 books and e-books. In 2009, Marietta Publishing won the Best Anthology category of the Eppie Awards for Bad-Ass Faeries II and in 2007 Marietta won the Best Anthology category for the Dream Realm Award for Breach the Hull. As of 2010, Marietta Publishing will become a full service publishing portal and will begin publishing the online magazine ( “C.J. Henderson’s Fantasy Magazine”.

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