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Bruce McDonald was an Air Force pilot, then an international subcontract negotiator for an aircraft manufacturer. After a fulfilling, though hectic, career in industry he asked the question, "What next?"

The answer, for him and his wife together, was the Peace Corps. As it always does, the Peace Corps enriched their lives beyond measure. His book, "A Breeze in Bulgaria" tells the story.

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  • Streamlining With Style on Dec. 07, 2012

    More than a how-to guide, Streamlining With Style is a concise life guide. It is indicative of the book's value and approach that the book itself is streamlined. It is compact and holds to its thesis, that living with little is fulfilling and satisfying. I loved the point that the author made in saying that it is wasteful to have and keep something that could be used by others, and the step-by-step decluttering advice. Recognizing that the disorder of holding on to stuff is a serious condition leads to appreciation of deeper issues, such as the challenge, "Can clutter make you fat?" Finally, the distinction between abundance and affluence - the latter recognizing the natural flow of all things - can be a life-changer if this little gem of a book is taken to heart.