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Bruce Nemovitz
As a Certified Senior Advisor and Senior Real Estate Specialist, industry leader Bruce Nemovitz is expert at helping clients transition from family home to senior housing. He gives lectures on housing issues through the region, is a contributor to 50plus Magazine, and has won numerous awards for his expertise in the real estate industry.

Bruce Nemovitz is an expert in dealing with the decisions, fears, joys and challenges that seniors face when contemplating selling their homes. He has a commitment to making the transition as easy as possible. If you have additional questions, or don’t find what you need, feel free to click here to contact Bruce.

Letter from Bruce:

I have been a full time Realtor in the Milwaukee-Metro area for over 29 years. For too many of those years, I would visit with my senior clients and notice some common issues they were facing. Many had been in their homes for 25-50 years and had to face the sale of their home without any real preparation for that move. The word “overwhelmed” seemed to be the theme for too many of my senior clients.

About ten years ago, a good friend asked me to speak at a senior community to help her potential residents get over the hump, off the fence, to help them understand how to make a move to a better living situation. She had seen so much procrastination, and inevitably too many had fallen into the crisis management situation, where decisions had to be made quickly due to health changes or financial setbacks. Too often, the children of the seniors were left to make decisions that should have been made earlier when their loved ones were in better health and financial condition.

After I spoke to those seniors , the response was incredible. I could see that what was needed was information and a little help understanding their situation. Since that first seminar, about 10 years ago, I have spoken to hundreds of seniors, giving them the information in this book, and empowering them to make their move to senior apartments, condominiums, and senior communities. I have developed relationships and partners with service providers such as movers, estate sale companies, contractors, packing and downsizing companies, elder law attorneys and senior financial planners. What I have heard most from those who have chosen to make their move is, “I wish I had done it sooner”. They are enjoying life and all it has to offer without the worry of home maintenance, and responsibility. Their new home meets their health and financial needs and allows them the peace and security they deserve and have worked so hard to achieve.

I am a member of Certified Residential Specialist, Senior Real Estate Specialists, and Certified Senior Advisors. I have acquired the knowledge and education to incorporate these designations into my every day business with my senior clients and their families. The many classes I have taken have helped me to better understand the unique issues facing seniors who need to move and downsize.

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