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  • Intrigued By First Sight on July 09, 2012

    Intrigued By First sight is a book that is completely and totally wierd. This is not a normal book! In fact, after reading this book, I'm not sure what to think about the author's mental capacity. This book has so much drama, a lot of action, and quite a bit of romance. I haven't really read much throughout my life, but with the few books I've read multiple times, this book I've read so many times I've had dreams that I was in the book. This book is so well written and VERY well thought out that I was blown away. I've never loved a book so much like Intrigued By First Sight. In fact, I NEVER read romance novels, but I would recommend this book to everyone. Indeed i do know Erin personally, but I've always told her how I feel and do not hold back. She was actually afraid of telling me about the book because she knows I do not particularly like romance novels. So I decided to buy the book and read it. And I found out how the character Honey Elizabeth is who she is. I also realized that Jackie Miller is the fantasy her. I know Erin can do great things and she will, with support of others naturally, but other wise she will go far. Out of all the authors I like, Erin Miller is tied for first with two others, that is hard to do no less. Erin knows that I will tell her straight up whether or not I like something or not ((in fact, I have told her plenty of times)) and I am glad that she respects that. I may not do a traditional review, I may be a bit far out there, but these are the facts and I stick by them. Erin Miller, I have faith in you and can't wait to buy your next book, do not disappoint me!!!