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Bryce Bentley Summers is a psychologist and author of Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Thrillers.

Bryce authors under the pen names Bryce B. Summers, Ph.D., B. Bentley Summers, and Bryce Bentley Summers. He has authored young adult and new adult zombie apocalypse novels. The Amen to Rot series of stories, which includes the final piece, Nyte God, are dark fantasy (Sci-Fi) stories that pit a group of hero youths against evil alien invaders. Rotville is a new adult Sci-Fi Thriller about a human subject who is super enhanced to make a profit for the military but turns into a hero, saving a group of people trapped in the nearby quarantined city.

Fresh Meat is an adult supernatural psychological horror piece of literature with gay and multicultural themes. The places and characters of Fresh Meat are caricatures of the prison systems and society, each representing a concept of evil or empathy. Fresh Meat is a narrative that parallels the institution of American slavery with the man-versus-punk political system that defines modern-day prisons. Psychopathic Warden E.J. Jones comes face-to-face with a new arrival, a eye catching boy known simply as Punk, and soon finds strange occurrences unfolding inside his prison.

Bryce’s newest novel is a new adult supernatural thriller titled Hans Wolff of Wehr Hamlet: The Legend Begins. Part of the Wehr-Wolff series, this novel will be published in 2015.

Bryce is also the founder of Queer Sense theory which explains how people form attitudes toward people who represent a queer spectrum of sexual and gender identities. The nonfiction work Queer Sense: Where Do Our Attitudes Come From? A Revolutionary Theory for Educators, Parents, Advocates, and Anyone LGBT, is set to be released in 2016-17.

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