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Like many now-famous, "household name" fiction authors, my more "suggestive" titles are authored under a pen name. I have been a staff writer, editor, artist, filmmaker, product designer, design engineer, consultant, painter, tow truck driver (for 2 weeks), auto mechanic, call center sales rep., biz-to-biz telemarketer, Mr. Mom, and probably a couple things I've forgotten.

Regardless of all of my disposable career paths, two of the three or four things I am consistently passionate about are my amazing wife of 20+ years (the one named "Karen" in my books), and writing. For better or worse, part of my nature is to enjoy (sometimes wild) flights of fantasy, sensuality and imagination.

Every "how to" book on writing says that to be a successful author, you have to write about a subject you are unusually passionate about. That makes it easy for me. I write about my uncommonly pretty, charmingly innocent, and often unbearably sexy wife in the most fantastic and sensual predicaments my lively, dark, and rather perverse imagination can churn up... If the like the idea of an X-rated “Perils of Pauline” that will give you a nice, hard reaction (guys), then you may like what I write about.

And, did I say, my Karen is perfect "Cougar" material? At 46, my amazing wife proves how wrong anyone is who thinks sex appeal stops after age 30-something. Just last summer, I looked on from a distance with a combination of arousal and jealousy as an older teenage boy quite obviously flirted with my wife. Karen later told me that after lots of teenage flirting, the guy had blushed, then nervously asked, “So, do you think I could spend some time with you this weekend?” I have no doubt that in his lust filled haze, he probably thought Karen was in her 20's... Needless to say, after my wife told me her little story, well, we had quite a long, memorable night together!

Just one thing I ask my readers to always remember; reality and fantasy are two VERY different things. But if you're lucky enough to have a committed partner who enjoys fantasy, don't blow it. You're one lucky SOB!!

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My Wife... A Hard Core Cougar
Price: $3.49 USD. Words: 79,860. Language: English. Published: November 16, 2009. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Literary Erotica
My wife, Karen, was once so innocent. She's always been a lot younger looking than her age, and at 46, many people think she's maybe 30. Just last week, my amazing wife had a teenage boy quite obviously flirt with her! But I had no idea what I was in for when she started going out late at night on long walks. Now she cuckolds me all the time, and yeah, I want her so bad it hurts! What a woman!

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