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Butler's young adult mystery novels feature strong female leads and are woven from elements of horror, suspense, comedy, and mystery, all in a modern, small town setting. She is best known for her Midnight Guardian Series (YA Paranormal Mystery) and Mothman Mysteries (YA Sci-Fi Mystery).

Butler is inspired by writers like Cassandra Clare, Jennifer Armentrout, Rachel Caine, Joss Whedon, and Patricia Briggs. Her work contains no profanity or explicit scenes, making it appropriate for pre-teen as well as teen readers.

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Spooky Rumors
Spooky Rumors is an all new middle grade series of scary stories. Each story features small town legends like Mothman, Flatwoods Monster, Moonville Tunnel, Sheepsquatch, and more. Pick your favorite monster! Spooky Rumors books are standalone stories that can be read in any order. Love Goosebumps? Then you need to hear the next Spooky Rumor!
Mothman Mysteries
Mothman Mysteries is a young adult sci-fi series of standalone mysteries. When Eric Jansen takes a seat behind his drums, every girl in the place takes notice. Not that he’s surprised. He’s had decades to practice. The guy is almost perfect. Still, there’s that one tiny thing… Eric Jansen is an alien. Offworlder. Take me to your leader, fall from the sky, space invading, phoning home, UFO jockey. A swipe of the tattoo on Eric’s arm will reveal his true form which locals call Mothman, a winged creature formed of ashen gray skin and glowing red eyes. Eric is one of the last of his kind. Yet, Eric is far from the strangest thing in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He and book blogger Bridget North, seek out to find answers.
Wrong Side of the Storm
Price: $2.99 USD.
Midnight Guardian
Set in a picturesque rural, river town in southern Ohio, Of Sun & Moon has been described by readers as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Harry Potter.


Some Thing Calls from the Dark
Series: Spooky Rumors. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 21,290. Language: American English. Published: September 20, 2023 . Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Monsters, Fiction » Children’s books » Paranormal
Kayla Murphy hears an odd call for help in the dead of night coming from the creepy woods beyond her backyard. The voice is all she remembers when she wakes up on her bedroom floor below an open window the next morning. Some THING Calls from the Dark is a middle school scary story with funny moments, featuring the Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia.
Wrong Side of the Storm
Series: Mothman Mysteries. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 34,200. Language: English. Published: February 19, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Mystery & Detective, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Science Fiction
When a mysterious, new player wields a deadly storm to force the men in black into lockdown, teens Eric and Bridget are suddenly separated. With Bridget on the inside and Eric on the outside, the two race to beat the clock and open the doors before the suits make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the base from falling into the wrong hands.
House of Gammen (Midnight Guardian Series, Book 6)
Series: Midnight Guardian. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 52,290. Language: English. Published: October 6, 2016 . Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure
Forward to the Fall. Do you remember the story told in whispers of the mogdocs, ancient creatures with a flame of contempt for humankind? As the mogdocs claw their way back into our world, Keira Ryan and her friends take a final stand. The Midnight Guardian series is a clean read, parent-approved and appropriate for pre-teen and teen readers alike.
Book of the Lost (Midnight Guardian Series, Book 5)
Series: Midnight Guardian. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 50,560. Language: American English. Published: November 30, 2013 . Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Thriller & Suspense
Death. Love. Werewolves. Jealousy. Shadows. Prom. Unionists. Betrayal. Graduation. Who said senior year would be easy? Enter the world of the Midnight Guardian and read the series that fans are calling original, fun, and engrossing.
Shadows Rising (Midnight Guardian Series, Book 4)
Series: Midnight Guardian. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 51,430. Language: English. Published: January 3, 2013 . Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance » General, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
In this fourth installment in the series, Keira and her friends race against time to rescue her charge before The Harvest. They must hurry. Their enemies are bringing forth a new evil to sway the balance. The shadows are rising. Readers are calling the Midnight Guardian series original, cool, and fun. Shadows Rising will leave you breathless with its surprises.
Midnight Child (Midnight Guardian Series, Book 3)
Series: Midnight Guardian. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 51,840. Language: English. Published: February 9, 2012 . Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Drama
Join Keira Ryan as she chases her destiny in this exciting third installment in the Midnight Guardian Series. While Keira searches, her enemies draw closer. A history of trust is tested. A promise of passion turns deadly. A surviving evil creates doubt and there’s only one way to stop it…Find the Gift. Just what do you get the spoiled gremlin queen that has everything?
Whispering Evil (Midnight Guardian Series, Book 2)
Series: Midnight Guardian. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 50,390. Language: English. Published: August 13, 2011 . Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance » General
Keira Ryan has moved on. It’s the start of her sophomore year at Valley View High School. She's got a cute, new guardian mentor, an unlikely mogdoc ally, and she's dating her best friend. Now, all she has to do is pass her driving test and figure out how to stop the new Empress and her reign of terror. Will she survive it all or will she fall victim to the whispering evil that surrounds her?
Of Sun & Moon (Midnight Guardian Series, Book 1)
Series: Midnight Guardian. Price: Free! Words: 52,490. Language: English. Published: April 2, 2011 . Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
Over the years, humans have pieced together sighting and assumptions to create the myth of the tooth fairy. As it turns out, they were pretty much wrong.

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