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  • Degrees of Delusion on Aug. 22, 2013

    I'd love to see this character as the subject of a new book, or a series of shorts. Granted, being homosexual (or at least a man with a crush on another man) will probably limit the market some, but he's a schemer like so many other Buroker main characters. It would be fun to see him run across members of Amaranthe's crew. I'm sure he'd give them flashbacks to their time in Emperor's Edge. The story does come across as somewhat stunted, given that we see the beginning, we see the result of the plan, but we don't see the plan in action. The middle part was sort of skipped over, and though I can see why it did sort of make the story leap forward unexpectedly. I'm loath to give this less than 5, but all things considered it feels a little bit like a section of the story was removed, so I'll go with a 4 and a recommendation that people read this anyway.