Brian Trainor


Saskatoon City Police
Community Education Consultant
Trainor Communications Inc.
Saskatoon, Sask

Fraud – Power of attorney abuse, telemarketing scams, identity theft, and more.
Bullying – Cyber-bullying – Cyber-safety – Workplace Harassment

Sgt. Trainor, a recently retired police detective who specializes in preventing the financial abuse of seniors focusing on Power of Attorney abuse, is a regular guest on national radio and television. His book is STOP FRAUD, and his presentations – phenomenal. He has given hundreds of national lectures over the past few years.

Brian’s two passions are fraud prevention and bullying prevention. In 2000 he wrote and drew a comic book on bullying. He had 21,000 copies printed and given to Grade 5 students across Saskatchewan.

Upon retirement, he started his own company called Trainor Communications Inc. and set out educating the public across the country about fraud and bullying prevention. After attending the International Cyber-bullying Conference in Seattle, Brian developed a powerful lecture on cyber-bullying in addition to his much in demand traditional bullying lecture presented to school students. In 2011 he unrolled a cyber-safety presentation aimed at not only students, but also parents complete with a free Microsoft pamphlet packed with information on protecting kids from cyberbullying.

BULLY 4 U is the latest novel Sgt. Trainor has written. Co-written with writing partner Mark Eisenzimmer, a retired Regina Police Service Staff Sergeant, BULLY 4 U is a young adult novel and covers Grade 9 girl’s bullying, the popular girls versus the outcasts, and how bullying and cyberbullying affect the bully, the victim, and those who witness the abuse.

BULLY 4 U is available at McNally Robinson Bookstores in Saskatoon.

He can be reached through his website or at (306) 291-3259.

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