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  • Entertaining Angels ~ Moments of Joy on Aug. 29, 2013

    I find these poems to be, so very well written, I have never been a poem person, but this book have surtenly changed my mind. You can feel the heart and soul in these poems, its not just written for fun, I feel close to the author her self, feel like I know her a some point. She is very talented. I know for sure that I will read ever single poem again.
  • Entertaining Angels ~ Moments of Reflection on Aug. 29, 2013

    This collection of poems brings me closer to the Lord and Jesus them selfs. It makes my faith even stronger, and makes me feel it the rigth thing to belive in, many times in life, you doubt your self, you doubt you belives, but this makes me know its the rigth thing. You can feel the author in the poems, you can feel she is there, you can feel she her self belives. There are good people left in the world, and Jaye is one them.
  • Entertaining Angels ~ Moments of Surrender on Aug. 29, 2013

    I can now say, I am a poem person, I have read Jaye┬┤s 3 books and I live them all. In this book, I feel her pain in some of the poems, I feel the fear she have been delt, but I allso feel the love in her life. It goes for all 3 books, the commen norminater is love, in its purest form. I really enjoyed reading all the poems, and as she said, she have experinced it all, every word, every emotion, she made me feel all of it, and that I am her ever so greatful for, and will for ever be. I will read them again and again, I will keep every word close to my heart, it relates so much to me, to my life, she have given me a gift in these poems.