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  • For Honor: An Adventure of What Might Have Been on March 15, 2010

    Meet new friends that you will instantly fall in love with. The book has excellent character development. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century to the romance and adventure of the 17th century. Lady Laurel is a musketeer in her own right and is forced on a perilous journey to save France from a devastating war. I enjoyed feeling I was part of the adventure with all four of the three musketeers as if they were my personal friends. Glad I found this author on Smashwords.
  • Gambit For Love of a Queen on Nov. 24, 2010

    This is great storytelling! I met all these people in the book For Honor and loved the interesting characters and the creative story. If Laurel, or any of the musketeers, would walk into the room, I would know them instantly. Now, the Queen of France has been kidnapped and Laurel again tries to take matters into her own hands—she is still her impetuous self, acting like a modern, independent woman trapped in seventeenth-century France. Calmer heads prevail, and the musketeers convince her that all of them working together stand a better chance of finding the Queen and getting her out, and of keeping the King in the dark about his pregnant wife's disappearance. Luckily, King Louis XIII is not too bright and he doesn't really like his wife, so he doesn't care if she is around or not. That is, until he just wants to check that his heir-to-be is still safe and sound. A heart-stopping adventure takes place as they search for the Queen and as they (try to) avoid the assassins sent to stop them. I was sucked in by the story and the personalities and couldn't stop cheering the heroes (and heroine) and hating the villains. Life is not always fair and deaths of some people you love do happen. It's a very satisfying ending with a hint of the next adventure. In one scene, D'Artagnan is undercover as a lowly servant in order to try to get information on where the Queen is being held captive. Athos has previously given him a lecture on how important this role is and how D'Artagnan must be the obedient servant, no matter what. . . . The talking swirled about him, sometimes nothing more than gibberish, sometimes a word or phrase he could decipher. It eddied up and down, from loud to quiet. Wisely, D’Artagnan kept silent as he went about the tasks the housekeeper had assigned him for the morning, some of the least desirable tasks involving a great deal of scrubbing and moving of heavy objects. He was under no illusions about how much he was disliked simply for being French and for what was viewed as outright impertinence. But there would be no more of that, not after Athos’ little talk—more like scolding. D’Artagnan had been ordered to pretend to be obedient and do exactly as was requested of him and to do the job even better than was requested. Annoying, and distinctly inconvenient, to say the least. . . . Another scene features Athos as the undisputed leader as they began their hopefully not-suicide attack on the kidnappers. Porthos's joking personality shows through. . . . "Are we still of a mind to do this thing?” Athos asked his companions, his voice scarcely expressing the seriousness of the situation. Danger was terribly real. Impossible to ignore, and the outcome could be decidedly dire. After a brief moment, Porthos and Yvette both nodded. Athos was relieved Porthos put up no argument with regard to his sister this time. He could not have handled that at the moment. Plus, he may well have found himself very tempted to agree with Porthos in trying to protect Yvette from further danger. "Porthos, you are sure you know where a secret entrance to the castle is?" "Athos, are you seriously doubting the great Porthos’ word?" "Non, but I am seriously considering reaching down his throat and tearing out his tonsils with my bare hands if he does not answer the question promptly," Athos informed his friend with a complete lack of levity. . . .
  • Rea and Kip: Part 1 of The River Runs Through on March 06, 2011

    If you want to read a truly memorable story, then read "Rea and Kip." At times, you may remember your own youthful experience and the highs and lows of your emotions as you developed deep feelings for another. The story-telling flows in a poetic format that makes you want to keep reading until the end. This is a relatively short read that can be completed within a hour. Your emotions will run high as you read on and at times may bring tears to your eyes. I can guarantee that you will remember the story. I highly recommend it. At the price, it is truly a bargain. Enjoy the story of love on a college campus as only a truly gifted writer can present it.
  • Righting Time on July 04, 2012

    What would you do if you discovered that someone was altering earth’s past in a way that would destroy your existence? Join time travelers from the 26th century as they journey to 17th century France to recruit Laurel d’Anlass and her loyal musketeer friends. Follow the time travelers, Laurel, and the musketeers to the 21st century where they have to use unfamiliar weapons and their wits to overcome strange and powerful enemies. As you immerse yourself in this well-spun tale, you will meet heroines and heroes that you love and villains that you hate. Find out if this team from the future and the past can mend the time-line and save the future of humanity. I heartily recommend that you read “Righting Time.” It is an adventure well worth taking.
  • Out of Phase: A Time Traveler's Chronicle on Feb. 15, 2019

    Wow! This fourth book in the Honor Bound series has excitement and adventure that keeps the reader breathless and longing for more. This mind-bending chronicle of Laurel and her fellow time travelers’ desperate efforts to save humanity and the galaxy is an outstanding conclusion to the series. The pace and skill of the writing draws you into the adventure and makes you feel as if you are immersed in a timeline wrought with danger. All four of the three musketeers join Laurel in heart-pounding journey through time and space.