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  • The Incredible Shrinking Bully on March 05, 2012

    I received this book from the author for review on my blog. The incredible Shrinking Bully follows Bart and his classmates as they are tormented, in turn, by Frank, the school bully. Every time Frank bullies someone the recipient shrinks while Frank gets bigger and bigger. In the end, Bart stands up to Frank and is shortly joined by others in the class who have felt the wrath of Frank. As more and more kids stand up to Frank, he quickly begins to shrink in their presence. Obviously the size in this book is representative of the power held by the individuals in question. The author includes 10 talking points at the end of the story to help guide your discussion. Overall it is a well thought out book and illustrates the intended points well. I am not a huge fan of the fact that at one point the protagonist considers hitting the bully, so that is something I will probably gloss over with my kids.