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  • The Shattered Swan on Feb. 14, 2011

    The intriguing plot unfolded perfectly throughout the book, which kept me riveted and fascinated as I read. The characters were developed fully and skillfully so that they could easily have represented actual people. I almost felt like I knew and cared about them all. The development of the characters and their interactions gave this book the captivating qualities that made it so engaging and relatable. The only reasons that I give four stars instead of five are for mechanical errors like grammar, punctuation, spelling, etcetera. Maybe I am too particular, but many times quotation marks were missing at the end of quotes, which made the distinction between speech versus narration a bit unclear at times. I also noticed several mispelled or incorrect words. Also, the book was written in the past tense but the author sometimes jumped to present tense, sometimes switching tenses within one sentence that should have had consistent tense usage. Overall a wonderful read and a fantastic book!