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  • The Guardians Book 1: Path to Vengeance on Feb. 17, 2013

    First off, i am not a big reader of sci-fi, tending to go more for classical and historic novels. I was recommemded this book and i must say i was very impressed. For a first novel there was enough going on in this book to hold my interest right until the end, which just left me eager to start the second. The story starts out with a young man aspiring to be a top-grade fighter pilot, both to seek revenge on the krelathans and also to escape his home planet and explore the universe, so you start off wanting to read on to find out the background of this man, Grogaan. the story weaves between the present and flashbacks of the past without ever seeming to drag or giving too much away, making reading interesting and never boring. the development of the characters throughout adds much to the story and the descriptive writing sets the scene brilliantly. All in all, a great first effort and i eagerly anticipate the next book; the sorcerer's duel
  • The Guardians Book 2: Sorcerer's Duel on Feb. 24, 2013

    After reading the first novel, ''Path To Vengeance'', i was very eager to read this to find out the fate of Grogaan and the other characters. i must say, i was not disappointed. From the start the book grips you and you can't help but continue reading as the fates of the characters unfold. There is a great creativity behind the writing, with a natural blend of fantasy mingling with sci-fi, particularly the magic side of things, which really comes to the fore. As well as this, the characters themselves come into their own and you learn far more about them, their traits and personalities, which makes for a more engaging read. What is noticeable though, is just how much W. H. Cann's writing has matured. His descriptions, his story-telling and the way the characters are perceived has improved, and he has set himself as an accomplished writer who you would think has written more than just two books. I won't go too much into the story as i don't want to spoil it for anyone who has yet to read it, but there are many twists and turns with a fantastic ending, which thankfully, leaves it wide open for a sequel, and yet again, leaving the reader almost frustrated that the book has ended. Bring on book three; 'A Guardian Reborn'.
  • The Guardians Book 3: A Guardian Reborn on March 10, 2013

    'A Guardian Reborn' is the final part of the Guardians trilogy, and what a finale. As has been the trait of his books so far, W H Cann's writing not only continues to mature in a way that makes you think this is book six or seven, not number three, but also his storytelling. From the beginning you are drawn to the story, particularly after the end of the previous book, which left Grogaan fighting for his life. Instantly, W H Cann has your interest, and although there is a steady pace at the start, you can't put the book down until you find out what happens to Grogaan. The book as a whole, flows in a way that never seems strained or slow, but with enough description to illustrate the scenes without doing too much. There are some great and original ideas that keep it fresh, and a whole new, exciting level to the magical powers Grogaan has slowly developed over the previous books, on top of which, have helped develop his character even more. It is interesting seeing how Grogaan's personality and attitude has been influenced by the events of this book, which contains some brilliant twists and turns, many you do not see coming. I am not going to spoil it by giving away plot lines and such, instead leaving it for other readers to find out themselves, but there are a good few sub-plots and loose ends which are hopefully leading to a couple more books, as well as a surprising ending which i did not see coming. On top of that, W H Cann has developed more history behind the story of the Guardians, which adds to the overall reading of the book, so you get a bigger picture of the story and where it has come from. All in all, another excellent book from W H Cann which rounds off the trilogy nicely and leaving it open for another sequel or two. Definitely an author to keep an eye out for
  • Island of Heartache on Nov. 16, 2014

    First off, this is not what i was expecting. It's an idea we have all seen several times but what really makes this book stand out is the writing; the way Sam Clark focuses more on the emotions and reactions of the characters, in particular the tension that builds between the characters and none more so than Henry and Christine, and Elizabeth. Thankfully, he doesn't put too much detail into the descriptions of the island, etc, just enough to paint a picture in your mind before you're drawn into the story. This is very much about how different people cope with disaster and despair; some better than others, and it really does show the nature of humanity. I won't go into the plotline too much (don't want to spoil it for you) but i must say, i found it very hard to stop reading. An excellent debut here.