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Smashwords book reviews by buscht

  • Spinward Fringe Broadcast 6: Fragments on Aug. 14, 2010

    Of all the Ebooks that I've read, the Spinward Fringe series have been the most satisfying. I've finished the books thinking that was money and time well spent. This particular book is a good page turner, but if you haven't read the earlier books this one won't make much sense. It's been a while since the last installment of the series and I found myself going back to earlier books to catch up as I forgot what was going on. My only real complaint is that this book is just a middle book in the series, there is really no beginning and ending. It must be read with the group to be fully appreciated.
  • The Expendable Few - A Spinward Fringe Novel on March 08, 2012

    Fun book, well worth the time and money to obtain, especially if you have read the others in the series. I enjoyed the new characters, but not so much the Puritan party side plot. Seemed a little hokey. Overall, good effort.
  • Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8: Renegades on April 05, 2014

    As always a fun read.