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  • Storm of Passion on Aug. 24, 2011

    I found this to be a an emotionally fulfilling tale. Written in a very poetical way with no description given, to long and/or verbose. The characters are fully developed with both a history and a present. I didn't find the love scene to be to over done or even overly descriptive it was the culmination of desire known/unknown that I can easily perceive happening - (god but don't I wish!!!) I think Dustin has proved beyond a doubt that he is an accomplished story teller, although I think I shudder at just how many rewrites and editing were done to get such a well rounded story. Thanks for a beautiful read!
  • A Hole in the World on Nov. 01, 2011

    This is one of my top YA reads for 2011... Ok, where to start? I think this is Sophie's first book.. and can I just say, YOU WOULD NOT KNOW... FUCKING AWESOME READ!!!!!!!! I really didn't know what to expect, the blurb sounded interesting so I went and bought it. This is a brilliantly created set of characters. Each of them (and there are more than two mains), has a distinct personality, has a great dialogue, and really mesh's well with the other characters. The plot whilst not original in context, is to me, original in the story telling. I guess the saying take something old and it's new again, works. This story has taken a very old story - a childrens favourite, updated it and bought it into a teenagers world. And it works so well you just forget really that it's an old story. The story is a little shorter than I would have liked, but realistically the story/character development is so well handled I don't really mind. I look forward to seeing more GLBT Young Adult fiction from Sophie. I hope you as a reader of this fiction enjoy the story as much as I did. *EDIT* I think, that this book, should NOT be just for GLBT youth. With a little bit of input from a professional editor, this title SHOULD be in libraries and bookshelves.. It's a good example of people BEING people in the world. Sophie, keep up the good work.
  • Dawn of Darkness (Daeva, #1) on Nov. 01, 2011

    WHERE'S BOOK 2??? O_O At least this was my first thought on finishing this book... Damn, but this is Daniels first effort at writing.. and it's gripping.. An emotional roller coaster ride in places. Characters are well formed with good back grounds. They fit into the plot as required without coming across as filler. The main character is very well formed from the outset. I found it quite easy to be caught up in everything happening. Story has no lag, jumps or plot holes that could easily have annoyed or detracted from the journey. My one criticism of the story is the ending but I'm not sure how it really affects everything. This story could have been tied up before the actual ending, (as I kept expecting it to!) It sort of felt everything happened VERY quickly at the end. BUT having said that, I really don't know that the ending could have been dragged out in the next book. I guess I will have to wait and see. Overall I have to say I think this book is as close to a work of art as can be. I don't need to sit back and 'appreciate' the obvious attention to details, the character descriptions or any of a myriad of other things one want's to acknowledge a writer for in their work. The book does it all. I am going to harrass Daniel though for the next book... NOW!!!!
  • Being Human on Nov. 02, 2011

    Read this story now!!!!!! You don't need to decide if you like a vampire tale, you don't need to decide anything... Patricia Lynne has written a hard hitting tale on humanity. I have spent the last 24 hours reading it at EVERY possible/conceivable point I could.. I wanted to just sit and hide till I finished it and then I didn't know if I wanted to cry, smile or bitch-out at Patricia for a remarkable ending... Characters - Each character was so finely crafted, with no wasted words or ideas for each one. The depth we get to know them and how quickly that is created is amazing. I think even to say that you feel for them just doesn't sum up how well they are written. Plot.... Not a plot bunny or hole in sight... just the story no filler, no wasted effort, no jerking around. It would be a lie to say it was a simple plot, yet it doesn't go over board on complexity. Style - The way this is written is so suitable to the story and the characters.. Damn but I want to say so much but I'm still working through my emotions after reading this... But THANK-YOU Patricia... I'd give you another star easily for being such a brilliant story if I could..
  • Sock it to Me, Santa! on Dec. 10, 2012

    Way to cute... I'm not a fan of the short story concept.. Every now and then one works and this is one of them. The characters pop out of the page and into your mind well. The secondary characters worked well too. The story. Very sweetly written just with all shorts, I want to know MORE. Really can't see any disjointedness in the story. A great concept that worked really well. And novel use of plot material.. Thanks Madison.