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Dino Simonetti hails from Winthrop Massachusetts, a small town east of Boston. Simonetti lived his first 28 years in this historical town and can recall stories told by Edward Roe Snow, a neighbor at the time. He also took a liking to Poe's works as well. He credits much of his influence to King, Koontz, and Barkers works. He stated some of the light, breezy prose is influenced by Janet Evanovich as well.

Mr Simonetti has a sense of humor that lends to his charismatic demeanor and you will find him quite easy to talk to. One thing I did notice is he listens intently and takes a great interest in you and he will ask you questions about you and not speak of himself unless asked. He is always quick with a joke and quite witty.

Mr Simonetti stated he was a pharmacist for over twenty-years and has just recently embarked on a career in massage therapy. He is a father to four-children, all fully grown and living in Salem MA. He resides in an undisclosed location. for the time being.

Simonetti can spin a yarn that will definitely scare you. The pieces described to me were certainly teasers to read his book-I was delighted to read it. He states that to make a scene really scary or gory, he has to imagine what would gross him out or scare the life out of him-he claims to have a high threshold to horror and gore. The style of writing he credits to an idea his son gave him. The manuscript can be likened to a screen-play and is written from the point of view of a twenty-something recounting a movie in exquisite detail. The book is peppered with the cleanest and most inoffensive erotica I've ever read and it is placed strategically within the story line. The venacular of the characters is precisely what you would expect from young adults who have spent a great deal of time on the streets; I found it quite entertaining at times.

The story started out on a single premise and became more and more twisted and convoluted, until he put together a tale that will run into several parts and top the 3000 page mark. This first installment, Shape-shifters and Succubae, lays the groundwork for the mystery, the horror, and the suspense all rabid horror enthusiasts will enjoy following, in the end, hopefully leaving them breathless!!

More useless information about me
I'm from Winthrop MA, having lived in Salem 26 years and now live in UT for the time being(lord knows why here!)
A licensed massage and alignment therapist
FATHER TO 4 AMAZING KIDS-3 BOYS AND A GIRL(of which there's a boy/girl set of twins),
I edit my own books and do my own cover artwork
I'm self published(4 books now)
I'm a decent artist
I'm a decent musician and can play many instruments except the drums(damn hand foot coordination)

I have a dream---
My goal: Is to grow a platform in medical research charity to assist in the perpetuation of much the needed research. My dream is to accomplish this goal through the sale of my books or music-that's where my readership comes into play. I want to sell enough books so that a portion of the proceeds can go to medical research-my son has autism.

More stuff still
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Blood Majik Book I
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